Archangel Metatron


Some political events within this country that have stirred up concerns about the loss of these rights such as the events at Waco, and now the events at Oklahoma City are to bring into the consciousness an evaluation, of what is right or wrong and where is violence justified in society. There does appear to be abuse by government agents, and there also appears to be abuses by those on the other side of the issue as well. In these situations, if you could view these events as a mirroring to everyone of what is within the mass consciousness at the level known as the United States, there is no right or wrong. These events are best used as an illustration of how much violence is in the mass consciousness, and how much enemy patterning is held in the mass consciousness. For that enemy patterning must be processed and released, and that releasing begins individually. The greatest way to release enemy patterning is to move yourself into a space where you believe there are no enemies. Move yourself into a space where there is no question about the need to protect your rights. Move yourself into the attitude that, yes, you have the absolute right to possess and bear arms, but where would the necessity to use those weapons ever come from? This is a world at peace! This is one of the things that will be shifting drastically in approximately one year as a result of the Silent Revolution. With the shifting in energy the illusion of having enemies will become less and less real, until it no longer exists. Become clear within each of yourselves about how you interpret these violent events, and what they are mirroring for you. Become clear within yourself about how you perceive the need to have arms, and what your values are. Work through these issues on your own level, in your own life, until you can create a perception of an absolutely safe, stable world. For other people in your life, who have concerns and fears about these political issues, assist them by your ability to bring through energy. Facilitate their efforts to process their beliefs, until they can arrive at a place where they are secure and without fear, and have the attitudes that this is the time of peace, let us welcome it. If you can do these things it will be of great assistance in shifting the mass consciousness on these issues. It is of interest that on the macro, people are willing to do away with nuclear arms. Destroy them, dismantle them, make their use illegal. But on a personal level, they will cling so tightly to their own firearms. Divine law is - as the inner, so the outer. It must happen at the personal level first, then it will manifest internationally. If you truly want to outlaw nuclear arms, begin within your own lives. Normally, before the energy realigns itself in a balanced way, the pendulum will swing very far from side to side. The hope is that this issue is just a pendulum swing before the attitudes balance themselves. Other movements you are seeing politically are to create reforms in the Welfare system. These shifts are the result of the gateway that opened one year ago on 6/6/94. That gateway was one of self-empowerment. But along with self-empowerment comes the requirement of self- reliance. This gateway brought through a new model for a self empowered-female. The archetype of the goddess Athena is something each female carries within her consciousness. An activated model of this archetype of an empowered female was beamed through the gateway from the ship Athena. This opened up a remedy for many social ills in the Western world, for how can you have an ascending planet or species, if over one half of the population is in a "less than" position? Many females are treated as less than, earning less than, less opportunity, less education, relegated to welfare, relegated to poor circumstances and unequal opportunities. To change that, females must also step into their power. The energy to support the female is available, and has been since the reawakening of the forces of nature at the 12/21/91 gateway. The changes that are coming into the welfare system, and the revising of it are to enforce the theme of full self-reliance. These changes will be ongoing over the next six years. The females who are a part of the welfare system are those who have contracts with the collective for dependency and support. Those contracts will be completely fulfilled by early 1997, and this completion will mean that these individuals MUST move into their work in the world and full self-empowerment. Their dependency status will no longer be appropriate. Largely, as the majority consciousness shifts in accepting these new ideas and programs everyone will shift. It is similar to the changes in mass consciousness that eradicated polio. Polio was not eliminated by the vaccine, for in reality the vaccine is either ineffective or it will create illness. It was the mass consciousness belief in the vaccine that did away with polio. Because the majority of the population believed they could not get polio, they didn't. Welfare is a similar situation. The "system" that has become the Federal Government has begun breaking down, and will continue to do so. It has peaked as far as structure, and size, and its foundation can no longer support its size. This breaking up process of the government at the Federal level is positively supported by the silent revolution. It is also being created by the individuals looking for a new bogey man. All attitudes eventually work for the highest good of all. That restoration of power to the states is for the highest good of all, and it creates more of an advantage to the individual. There will continue to be shifts with many services being terminated at the Federal level, and responsibility for those services coming from the state level instead. The councils in the higher dimensions view these changes as appropriate. The grid shift no longer energetically supports a large, all-powerful Federal entity. Breaking up that power into smaller chunks, and giving it back to the people at the level of state and local government is appropriate. Of course it reinforces the requirement for self-reliance, and self-empowerment, for there won't be a government program to take care of everything any longer. This breaking up of the Federal entity will reduce government costs, and allow for massive tax restructuring. You may find in the future, that political parties become a thing of the past, as the polarity of opposing ideas disappears into oneness. How soon this will come into physical being is not predictable, but it is a strong probability. Changes in the health care field will be similar to the issues around the arms build up and welfare reform. For this area, has also locked up tremendous resources making the energy unavailable for research into alternative fields, or energy available to eliminate disease. The health care field has reached a peak in what it can provide. It has, of course, priced itself out of the market. The economy can no longer support this expense, and of course the health care system will experience a reversal. You will see drastic revisions coming because of the silent revolution, and yes, these changes will be similar to socialized medicine. The changes supported by the silent revolution will be the changes involved in living from wellness, and the point of view will be that there is no more illness, suffering, or disease.This point of view will be due to the ascension progression. The mass consciousness has already created an attitude change. The mass consciousness perceives traditional medical care as expensive, invasive, and ineffective. Things that were not mentioned except in a metaphysical group seven years ago, are now being broadcast all over the media and are accepted by nearly everyone, even physicians. This is an example of how the process of shifting the mass consciousness can occur quickly.