Archangel Metatron


Many have chosen to fear the government, fear the possibility of civil war, or fear losing their freedoms instead of geophysical disasters at this time. I wish to address these fears, and assist you in shifting them with information. Perhaps the best illustration of how this process affects the political structures in your world because of the grid shift is to discourse on what I call the "silent revolution". The silent revolution has been created because of the grid shift, and the silent revolution is just what it sounds like. A revolution which will change the government, political structures, and resolve differences between factions of people once and for all, but it is occurring silently. Silently, without a word spoken, without much debate or disagreement, silently without a war or one shot fired! When the grids for political and economic power were located over the Western hemisphere, most of the energy produced by those grids was "gobbled up" by the United States. There were great technologies in use, at high levels to direct all the energy produced by these grids into United States governmental power. This supported the evolution of a super government. With this grid shift things have changed. The high level technologies used to direct the energy into government power still exists, except the grids have changed in purpose. These spiritual power grids are bringing a great spiritual awakening and full spiritual empowerment to the people. This will initially begin at governmental levels. Any of you who have awakened the ability to channel energy or to manifest from thought, are the leaders of the silent revolution. Wherever you direct the energy, or thought, is where the changes will first occur. This silent revolution is going to restructure the government of the United States, releasing most of its control to the individual states. The silent revolution will bring about equality for all, restructure taxes, welfare, health care, and bring about a reinterpretation and new understanding of the constitution of the United States. It will realign the government to more clearly reflect the will of the people. Remember the government of the United States is only a manifestation of the collective consciousness of its citizens. The kind and quality of government manifested, is a clear picture of the mass consciousness in this society. That mass consciousness is changing drastically as the silent revolution progresses. As it changes, the government will have no choice but to change as well, for it only reflects what the will of the people truly is. The Silent Revolution is a shift from one set of values to another, by the people. The values of power and winning at all costs are shifting to values of community and joy. Higher levels of consciousness which are necessary to manifest the ascension, either personally or for the collective, will be brought through as a product of the silent revolution. Other changes due to occur as a result of this revolution, will be changes in the way the legal system is administered, changes in economic policy, and changes in other governing decisions, such as those regulating alternative medicine. Policies such as those decisions resulting in secrecy about government projects and research, will be altered, moving toward full disclosure. The greatest changes should be occurring at the 5/5/96 gateway. The energies to support this have been coming in very strongly from the ship, The New Jerusalem, since the 5/5/95 gateway, and will be complete with the May 14, 1996 celebration date. The policy making and governmental changes may not be realigned for some time after. Expect this to be an ongoing experience. It is time for all Americans to understand that their government and their society are clear reflections of how they, as a collective, thinks and what the collective values are. As the inner - so the outer. If each individual makes an effort to clear his energies and begin living his lives as a masterpiece of joy, very rapidly the government will shift to reflect that consciousness. This is called the silent revolution because it is silent, and it is a revolution. It is achieved with energy, not the machinery of war. This affects each of your lives in very personal ways, for the government is a part of your lives every day. For example, issues around taxes deal with your economic well being. Products and services that are available are also at issue. The silent revolution enters your day to day lives because, as a light worker you are empowered. Much responsibility rests on the shoulders of light workers to focus the energy from the grids, and to shift this situation to more adequately reflect a higher consciousness. There are many groups of light workers working with energy to direct the silent revolution, especially those groups that are physically located near the cities of light. Since the Harmonic Convergence there have been many political changes on this planet. Some of them have been for the purposes of bringing about peace - you have experienced the fall of the Berlin wall, the fall of the Soviet Union, and international nuclear disarmament, to name a few events. That is because this is the dawning of the 1,000 years of peace. This society is disarming from without, and it must also disarm from within. As the inner - so the outer. Traditionally, Americans have created stress within the mass consciousness, and individually by creating a "bogey man" in their lives. Throughout cold war, the bogey man from without was the Soviet Union. That bogey man justified the buildup of arms. This "locked up" tremendous amounts of resources of all kinds, not just money, but energy as well. This kept the resources of the world firmly in the control of those who could be called the warlords. This disarmament is necessary, for it redistributes all those resources into other hands and other programs. If there is peace, there is no need for arms. Those resources that went into the arms buildup are now available for other purposes, whether it be education, health, housing, research into alternative energy, it is now available. The American consciousness has not shifted yet, from that of fearing the bogey man. Now, because the outside bogey man has collapsed, and there really is no other that is a match for this country in its great might, the American public has created another bogey man to continue the stress. That is what the collective is used to. It is what the collective has become addicted to, this warlike attitude. That comes because of political and economic power, and the desire to hold that position of supremacy. Also it keeps the economic policy and structures in place that were created with the arrival of the cold war and the arms buildup. There is a great economic incentive to do this, for that is money in the pockets of many who are employed in war related industries. To continue the old agenda of fearing the bogey man, the American public has become convinced that the bogey man they have to fight against is their own government. The difficulty with this is that your government is you! This is a disarming society, and disarming is necessary for peace. The constitution may be reinterpreted, but the rights as granted by the various amendments will not be trampled on, even the second amendment rights will not be modified. Americans will always have the right to own or bear arms. The only question is why would they want to? This is the coming of the millennium, the 1,000 years of peace. Welcome it with open arms! Do not hang on to the old beliefs and structures which were based on fear!