Archangel Metatron


As this gateway signaled a change in energetic direction, it was an appropriate gateway to use in shifting the grid structure around the planet. The etheric grid around the planet creates a blueprint for the ley lines, or energy rivers, within the planet. The grid is an energy organ of the planet, and can be compared to the nervous system inside and outside your body. The grids are structured and programmed for specific purposes at specific times, and they are changed regularly. Since the time of Atlantis, the grids for economic power were located over the Western Hemisphere, and the grids for spiritual power were located over the Eastern Hemisphere, but were dormant. These grids were turned on with the beginning of colonization of the New World. These grids were "flipped" or shifted, from East to West. This means that since May 5, 1992 the grids for spiritual power have been located over the western hemisphere. The grid shift represents an energetic reversal and it is equivalent to a pole shift, but without the physical shift. This was an absolutely necessary change, because the planet and every form of life on the planet had to change directions energetically, because the universal flow of energies changed. The shift in energetic direction would have created the pole shift on Earth (within the physical) within a three month period if the grid shift hadn't been accomplished. The grid shift created the same energetic structure as a pole shift, but on an energetic level rather than a physical level. The window when cataclysmic disasters were probable was within the nine month period of time after the grid shift. The grid shift was so massive that it took the concerted efforts of many beings to accomplish, incarnate, discarnate, and ascended. The assistance of the ships and space brothers was also required to forestall the potential disasters that were possible at this time. Since the grid shift, the planetary changes were "managed" by these beings to either prevent the disasters, or to time them to prevent as much loss of life as possible. Because the planet has completed eighth level, the possibility for cataclysmic disasters is far less. The fears held by many of you around creating the ascension by a death-resurrection cycle can be let go of, for the probability is that the Light Body progression will continue while the planet remains fairly stable. Is it not easiest to perceive this as the potential, rather than the disasters that have been foretold? This grid shift also sets into motion the last twenty year cycle before other celestial events occur, to mark the contraction of the dimensional universe. This twenty year cycle is one of "do or die" for the Light Body progression as an ascension plan. This grid shift was engineered to aid those who are known as light workers at this time of change, for the grid shift allowed the planetary frequencies to shift upward into what is known as the lower fourth dimensional frequencies. This brought the planetary vibration into what is known as the astral worlds. These worlds are still worlds of polarity and illusion, but they are far less physical. It makes it possible for each of you to begin opening potentials of joy for yourselves, and as you do, the disasters become less probable. Those who are aware and those who are learning to use spiritual power to create in the physical can use the energies from the new grid alignment to create their personal version of "heaven on earth". There were many of you requesting this assistance, for many light workers wanted to be able to precipitate thought into matter. They wanted to be able to levitate objects or themselves. They wanted to have a purse that would never be empty. The heavens have accommodated you in having those abilities in your lives via the dimensional shift created at the grid shift. It brings into potential the possibility, for the grid shift decreased density of matter by at least one third and that makes it much easier for those of you who would use energy or power to create with in the physical. Those who are able, will have an option of not only ascending into fourth dimensional worlds, which you are vibrating at now, but of moving into the fifth dimensional world. The only requirement is that you are capable of reaching that level of vibration, and that quality of joy in your lives. Each of you has a left brain and a right brain, and each half of your brain functions according to its defined purpose. In each of you one sphere of the brain is dominant. As above, so below - the same holds true for the planet. As spiritual awakening progresses in a human, the functioning of the spheres of the brain balance and become equal, the same situation must occur for the planet. The left brain of the planet or the West, and the right brain of the planet or the East must reach a new balance. The East and the West must become equalized in physical life in order for the ascension to progress. One possibility created by this grid shift is to bring the opportunity for spiritual mastery and power to the Western mind, and the bring a new balance of Economic and Political power to the East. The grid shift brings in the probability for complete spiritual empowerment within the western world in this lifetime. There has never been a good model of how to practice spirituality within the Western world. This is why so many of you have adopted Eastern religions - or have immediately shifted into the monastic life when you pursued the spiritual path. This grid will bring about a new kind of spirituality, one that is appropriate for the Western mind and culture. It is important for each of you to know that following the path of the monastic, withdrawing from everyday life, or living the life of the ascetic is no longer appropriate. You must be within the world, and this new spiritual path will bring a balance and a merging between the various areas of your life. You will walk the spiritual path while you live in the world, maintain family life, maintain jobs, and conduct business. All aspects of your daily life will become spiritual. It brings in balance for all those living and working in Eastern hemisphere countries to experience political power and economic well being within this lifetime. That new balance will bring about the Karmic balance necessary to eliminate the polarity that is inherent within third and fourth dimensional worlds. The grid shift affects your body physically by reversing the polarity in your entire body. Most individuals have had time since 1992 to become completely acclimated to the energetic shift. It has fostered a speeding up of the Light Body progression, and of course there are physical side effects of this speed up. It has also literally reversed the electromagnetic field of the planet. This grid shift brought a merging of physical and spiritual within the seven cities of light, which shifted from the Eastern hemisphere to the West. The cities of light each have a master resident within the city, and they are now feeding energy to the localities in the North American continent near their physical location. This is to feed the energies of the masters to the people and waking up the masses. The cities of light are at Mount Rainier, Salt Lake City, Denver, near Stone Mountain Georgia, on the seacoast at Hilton Head, slightly North and West of Detroit on the border of the United States and Canada, and Buffalo New York. As an additional anchor Shamballah has shifted from the East to an area near Baja, and Avalon has shifted to Southern Oklahoma. The seven cities of Gold have been reawakened in the Southwest United States and Northern Mexico, and the gates to the Garden of Eden are now opened in the state of Missouri. In this still space between the inbreath and the outbreath, it is quiet. Because of the quiet of the energy it is possible for each of you to each create for yourselves whatever you wish. The assistance of the energy produced by the cities of light, and the energy transmitted from the masters in those cities it yours. Use it as you will. Quite literally, the light workers have the option to become as ascended masters and to create the change for themselves that is known as translation. The rest of the ascending human life forms will shift from third dimensional awareness to fourth dimensional awareness.