Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

September 2014

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:   Wisdom, Silence, Vitality, Creativity, Satisfaction, Precision, Perfection, Rituals, Results, Work, Health, Hygiene, Dependents, Industrious, Clearing and Cleaning, and Call to Action, Contemplation, Grounded, and Partnerships.

Welcome to the full expression of genius, awareness, and hope.  The cycle of human evolution has brought about the Age of Aquarius. Humankind is entering a cycle that will bring forth events that make history.  This cycle also opens humans to awareness of their own Divine perfection.  Each of you carries within your energy blueprint the entire manifestation of the Creator.  This represents your potential.    September begins the process of transformation that will allow you to realize this potential.  In some way each of you will begin to take the first steps toward personal perfection. 

September is optimistic and the energy will bring positive outcomes at a mundane level.   It also stimulates you from the higher, Divine aspects.  The energy flow is enthusiastic and will stimulate your creativity.  You will find you have the ability to innovate and manifest unique solutions.  Small breakthroughs may become much larger in scope eventually finding global application. 

As September begins each of you embark on a theme of pairing.  You will merge your Individuality (which I call the “inner self”) with the outer personality which is your “worldly expression”.  This deeply personal inner pairing will evolves a new identity.   From this you will begin to self-craft a new personality and higher expressions of behavior will emerge.  This process amplifies the need for sensitivity and attention to your mate.  Your outer relationship is an expression of your inner connection.  

Many of you may feel compelled to create a new routine for life.  Some will begin to work on evolving their bodies, others will focus on the mind, some will seek to connect with the Divine and evolve spiritually.  You will become more efficient and find that you are able to perceive details clearly. 

Whatever you have not dealt with will surface.  This is the time to resolve your life with wisdom and direct action.  The focus is on qualities referred to as the virtues.  I suggest you consider living by the Virtues because they represent all that is good. 

The Full Moon on the 8th brings a confrontational climate on the world stage.  Midmonth inspires bold statements that bring embarrassment to the speaker and are offensive to those listening.  Controversy ensues.  During this time most people will feel on edge.   Most of you may be caught up in this process - thinking too hard and attempting to do too much.

For those in position to reach the masses this shift in awareness may develop into “political” power. As a result new leaders will emerge and they will bring a new/different message. New leaders in business and technology will emerge sharing unique technology.  The times are truly changing and solutions to the challenges of your world will be manifesting over the next 18 month cycle.

The New Moon on the 24th will bring a lot of conversation but little physical progress.  You may gain relief from tension, pressure, and stress.  Overall the energy is positive as if you have reached a point of release and culmination.  This fortunate time brings sudden opportunities.  This is a good time to travel internationally and to begin a course of study.

One of the greatest Divine teachings is that in order to expand the capacity to love you must probe and then heal your fears.  In this way September’s energy will reveal any neurotic tendencies you may have. 

The energy also brings humble awareness of your blessings.  Beloved one, adopt an attitude of gratitude and realize how much the Divine has served you.

The natural rhythm of life cycles is accentuated at this time.  September brings the Fall equinox, a time of natural equilibrium. What has risen will fall, what is on the bottom will be lifted to the top.  Life paths not taken will be reconsidered. Relationships that did not work may come around again for a second chance. 

The energy through September will prepare you for the Solar Eclipse to come in October.  The eclipse line of darkness impacts the United States of America from Minnesota to Wisconsin – South through Missouri to Louisiana including Kentucky and Alabama.  It impacts areas of Africa with a revealing line of light.  This Eclipse will stimulate great political acrimony between the United States and Russia.  It may bring earthquakes, storms, and disease to the areas I have mentioned.  I offer this knowledge so that you may be prepared.  Accumulate all you would need in case of emergency.  Set up an emergency plan and practice these arrangements so they will be remembered if there is need.  I do not wish to stimulate fear – but to give awareness of the potential threat so you may prepare. 

My beloved children, seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  It is time to experience the fullness of love through many different kinds of relationships. This is the time to test yourself and your evolution.    I am the Metatron.