Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

November 2013

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:  CHANGE, difference, intensity, secrecy, paradigm shift, and Ray

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!  The energy flow shifts.  It is complex, dynamic, intense, and will leave permanent changes over time.  The main point I give you about the energy is that it is different than any energy that has been on earth.  The energy of the Divine dimensional grids will shift this month.  The energy of the ley lines is being recalibrated.  The Archangelic Rays flowing through the Divine and Inner Earth grids will be intensified.  Each of you beloved ones will be called to duty and your missions will be activated.   This is the time you have been waiting for.

The energy may set people on edge.  Expect political or judicial decrees to infuriate the population.  Molehills will be turned into mountains.  Because people will not know how to respond to this energetic difference everything will be an issue.  Expect emotional energy to be expressed loudly.  Conflict and confrontations will escalate.

The New Moon is on the 3rd is a Solar Eclipse. The energy is heavy, potent; some would say explosive, and this will directly impact Israel and the United States.  The aspects highlight U.S. authority and the responsibility to protect and serve. This is because those who are empowered CAN serve in this way.

 Change will come, secrets will be revealed, and public opinion will be expressed with intensity.  You may expect the news to publish stories about assassinations and abductions.  There may be at least one leader facing impeachment proceedings.  – In essence fired by the population they serve.  Political coups and revolutions will bring about regime change.  All of these events will reflect the change in energy flowing into your world. 

Ask yourself, “What would I like to revolutionize in my life?”  Work on that answer and direct the new energy in ways that will create your dreams.   During the “dark” of the New Moon Eclipse reset your energy to flow in balance with the Archangelic Rays. These energies are the Rays of the First Creation or the Rays of Amon Ra.  As you connect and shift your frequency and vibration all that is good will flow to you from this Divine light.  

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!