Archangel Metatron

March 2014

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation are:  Calm, Enlightenment, Awareness, Consciousness, Identity, Action, Independence, Courage, Positive Warrior-ship, Spirit, and Perception. 

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the March begins the winds of change will roar through your world.  The energy is changeable, unstable, and intense.  This will manifest changes leading to the Age of Light.   

The lights will bring transpersonal transformation that is consistent with prophecies of the Age of Aquarius.  My Beloved Ones, the time of oneness is at hand. March will offer many of you a vision of the future that is being shaped by your choices now. 

The energy is progressive, futuristic, and dedicated to technological advances.   Your perception of separation and polarity in the world will be under pressure.  Remember that Humankind is evolving from the I AM to the WE ARE.  As you experience yourself in an individuated state you are also one with all.  All that is exists within the milk of Divine Love.  This fluid binds all beings into a state of oneness and individuation.  Can you experience yourself this way?   Can you find this Fluid of Creation surrounding you?  If so you will make tremendous Spiritual Progress this month. 

From the beginning of March through 2015 the United States economy will be subject to intense transformative energies.  This process ripples out to touch the Global economy and truly impacts the collective consciousness.  Some of the transformational energy may manifest sudden change or crisis.  Any financial or economic crisis will be resolved after the Eclipse April 15th. 

In the Human world the areas which create separation and polarity are money, social standing, and education.  The process of change must manifest in these areas first to teach each of you that you are not polarized.   For many this energy will bring up fear of loss.  Know that you will lose nothing!  What you have to gain is truly divine – it is eternal in value!   Your economy will change, nonetheless you will still be able to live.  You will be able to buy or trade for goods and provide for yourself and your family.  Local economies will thrive regardless the status of the global economy.  Beloved ones, these changes are good.  Hold that knowledge to yourself and proceed with confidence. 

Expect power struggles in the global political theater as well as your personal lives.  Physical warfare and inner warfare will come to your attention this month.  The reason for your awareness to focus on conflict is to allow you to begin to resolve your inner conflicts.  As you do, inner peace will become your state.  Outer peace may begin to manifest as you shift.

Extreme views gain momentum, as they do there will be challenges and clashes.  This will intensify the process of changing the mass consciousness.  This process may be turbulent, but over time your personal values will change as a result of the issues this month brings forward.   During March the transit of the Sun may act as a detonator.   It may set off explosions in the world at large, in politics, or in your personal life.   This process of change may be more subtle than a massive “explosion” but the results will be immediate change.  The changes may culminate as a result of the eclipse cycle in April, certainly they will manifest by the end of the Summer season.
The cycles of time and nature culminate during March.  With the culmination a new beginning arrives.   All life is subject to the cycles of time.  Let this time be the Spring of Peace.   

My Beloved Ones, believe in yourself and think in new, creative ways.  Remember, the path to peace will come to be as a result of your inner state.  Your consciousness is shifting and as a result the mass consciousness also will shift.  The path to Light is a communal process, no one achieves the fullness of Light Body alone!  You have free agency in all areas!  Use this gift well and know you are created from the love of the Divine.   I am the Metatron.