Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Asta

July 2012

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are alignments, discrimination, courage, equilibrium, discipline, finances, progress, resolution, manifestation, movement, renaissance, gentle, beauty, renewal, vitality, oneness.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the energy shifts, opening the flow of creative inspiration, grace, and joy.  Renaissance energies that have been progressing for more than a year begin to be apparent.  These energies will begin to manifest a Renaissance within each of you.  This process will renew and revitalize the world around you.  Eventually the Renaissance flow will reveal the divinity within each aspect of creation.   A new expression of beauty, renewal through the arts and literature, and revitalization through science and technology will begin to manifest.  The result of this process will produce the next step for humankind.

The full moon of the 3rd manifests restless, unsettled energies.  At a personal level you must expect the unexpected.  Learn to flow with the energy rather than resist or restrict the divine forces of light!  Beloved ones, use your awareness to redirect aggressive energies.  Express them in physical activity, a team sport, a good workout, or dancing!   Focus on your personal goals and on family or group goals.  Plan well!  Keep your attention on constructive actions that will take you closer to manifestation.  In this way you may work consciously with the dynamic energy flow. 

Throughout the months and years ahead (into 2015) you may expect the daily news to be full of “financial crisis” as national and local governments struggle.  The US, Canada, Taiwan, China, United Kingdom, Germany, and the European Union will all be impacted by this energetic flow. In time this energetic alignment of Uranus and Pluto will manifest a new economy.  Right now, this energetic dynamic will manifest change in the price of basic commodities.  You may expect prices to fall with disruptions in trade resulting.   I counsel each of you to be prudent with your finances, learn to shop locally, and purchase goods that are produced locally.  As the global economy seems to fail, local economies will thrive.  All is well, there is nothing to fear! 

This particular set of aspects will impact Israel and Palestine eventually bringing peace.  Expect a series of events to begin in July and culminate at the end of this year.  There will be increases in tensions followed by resolutions.  The resolutions will be ignored by both sides, then the cycle will begin again.  By 2015 they will tire of the process and a more permanent state of peaceful co-existence will be the result. 

Mercury moves into retrograde status on the 10th.   This means that you must take care in your communications with others – what I define as the outer process.   Maintain your personal boundaries, and at this time do not take on the role of mediator.  As the outer is limited, communication on the “inner” will be empowered.  Use this time well.  Turn your focus toward spiritual connection with your divine self.  This will manifest an opportunity to serve.  Beloved ones, your true path in life is waiting for you.  

Midmonth shifts the flow bringing harsh alignments.  These aspects may stimulate you to express issues with the energy of anger behind them.  This is a time to use your awareness of your personal process and to be extremely disciplined.  Seismic and volcanic events may manifest from this particularly harsh energetic climate.  Be aware of the environment and your personal safety at all times.

The New Moon on the 18th shifts the energy once again.  The reset button is pushed.  This opens an intense, high energy period that will last for 4 weeks.  These energies are aggressive and they highlight ambition within each of you.  Expect challenges to those who are in power and shifts in politics as a result.  The lights will bring home, family, and the real estate market into focus.  At the level of the collective expect the real estate market and financing mortgages to be a political focus.  As a result, solid progress and perhaps legal reforms will manifest in the areas of housing and banking.   This new moon will bring progress in resolving issues of accessible healthcare for women and children.  With this cycle, you may expect your memory to become more active.   Your capacity to perceive the greater pattern of creation will evolve.  As you listen on the inner it may seem that problems may solve themselves.  You may be surprised by some form of financial gain through a “windfall”, or a sudden opportunity arrives allowing you to move into the next phase manifesting your goals. 

Month end may bring upsetting news.  In the public arena a beloved celebrity may pass or there will be shocking news, possibly the resignation of a political/ public figure.  In your personal life you may experience an unexpected loss of a pet or loved one.  Some of you may choose to resign your current position.  Others may experience minor health challenges that clearly demand that you change your life style.  Others may experience challenges to mantaining life-long commitments.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. In the dynamics of the intense energy flow July will bring opportunities for growth.  Communicate gently, with kindness and love!Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  I am the Metatron.