Archangel Metatron

February 2014

Chinese translation by Vina

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are divine purpose, opposition, balance, conflict, power, trust, humanity, healing, compassion, wholeness, idealism, awareness, subconscious, humor, choice, growth, evolution,upheaval, stability.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the light and energy brings many potential situations that will allow you to integrate January’s changes in vibration and frequency.  The light has started a new 22 year cycle, and the frequency began a new 8 year cycle.  Everyone is experiencing an emotional and mental reset.  Each of you may make choices and deal with experiences that you never thought as a possibility. 

These energy changes move each being forward.  The fulfillment of prophesy is at hand as the time of 1000 years of peace is evolving.  In less than 100 years this cycle will be fully manifested.  In order for this to manifest there are changes that must take place in your world.  These communal and personal shifts are forming now.  Beloved ones, I ask that you embrace the tremendous changes the energy is bringing.  Global change begins one person at a time.  Each day the increases in light will move you toward a new world and an expanded experience in life.  Change isn’t always easy, but in terms of your Spiritual progress it will be productive. 

The energy may seem to be heavy, and you may find many opportunities to make “war” or create “peace” in your everyday life.  This process brings your conscious awareness of what “peace” means at the Spiritual level.  Each moment choose peace and mutuality.  Accept responsibility to make positive choices in your life.  As a result your world will begin to shift.  Peace will begin to move into the collective consciousness.   The opportunity to live in Joy is being presented!  Children of Light, open your hearts to pure happiness and trust in the goodness of life! 

February’s energy begins in a state of delicate balance.  Any misstep may result in imbalance and shocking responses from others.  Lessons will follow.  Whatever is limiting or outmoded will be stripped away.  Accept this energy and flow with it.  Understand this, as you are being stimulated to make changes the Divine is directing each of you into your true place, your highest path, and your divine purpose.    

Mercury moves into retrograde motion on the 6th and remains so until the 28th.  Turn inward and sort through the intense energies.  Seek to eliminate the victim part of your personality and access the empowered individuality.  During this time the energy will teach you about investments versus rewards.  Your desire for security becomes a demand.  Living from a state of “Survival Consciousness” will begin to fall away as you clarify your values and redefine what constitutes security.  During this time you may encounter delays.  Understand that everything happens according to “Divine Timing”!  Beloved ones, you will find your way through independence to interdependence.   This Mercury cycle may bring another real estate market disruption.  If you have a place to live does it really matter what world value it may have?  Can you put a price tag on “home”? Beloved ones, set aside fear, take worldly affairs in stride, and consider the more important Spiritual process that is underway. 

A spectacular lunar grand trine occurs on the 9th offering intimacy, intuition, and physical stamina.  Your self-esteem will be affirmed and each of you will find a new degree of “wellness” manifesting in your life.  Your restored confidence and faith will allow you to get in touch with your inner resources and motivate yourself to achieve at a higher level.
During this time the human family and your personal family will be more important as you gain awareness of the interconnections that support your evolution. 

The Full moon occurs on the 14th and will command balance between your motives and your life story.  The light demands emotional authenticity.  You will be aware of people and things you have taken for granted. This may bring greater depth in your romantic life. This cycle opens the possibility to meet a true soul mate and find a true love connection that will stand the test of time.  Long term commitments may be revitalized as you consider what is truly important and look a little deeper into your partner’s being. 

Under the energetic stress that is present it may seem that some things are dissolving, disappearing, or breaking down!  This will allow you to experience – and understand what is really important.  The energy aligns your ambition and your emotions.  With this energy flow you will be replenished emotionally.  As always it is said that you find success manifesting from hard work and personal discipline. 

Your daily routines and habits are rituals that support your daily life.  These are designed to save time and sustain your energy.  These habits offer shortcuts and don’t require your full conscious awareness.  Through the Full Moon cycle which culminates on the 14th  you will begin to be aware of these rituals and patterns.  The energy will disrupt the status quo and each of you will learn to live with greater consciousness as a result.  Take good care of your electronic devices.  Back up your hard drive, and make certain your financial paperwork is in place. 

During the week after the Full Moon you may find yourself moving into the SILENCE.  Spiritual Awareness and inner connections will be found here.

Month end energies will empower Jupiter and bring many opportunities.  Your only challenge will be grasping those opportunities before they pass by!  You will find relief from struggle and support from the Universe is flowing.  A sense of relief and success may overwhelm you.  Rest well with knowledge that you have lived up to your potential. 

There is no New Moon in February.  March will bring two New Moon cycles offering tremendous opportunities for new beginnings. 

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! This month offers the potential to experience the gift of unconditional love.  Joy will be yours if you have the courage to risk your heart!   I am the Metatron.