Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

September 2013

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:  Completion, Expansive, Transcendent, Realistic, Visionary, Values,  Brilliant, Success, Liberation, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Healing, Harmony, and Acceptance.

Welcome to September, a new month with strength flowing through the energy.  This offers you a new level of expression.  Expect yourself to find ways to integrate the presence of your higher self.  You will open deeper levels of awareness, and hope.  This is a month when discipline pays off.  You will make progress toward fulfilling your potential and you will succeed in minor ways.   As the month begins I advise you to focus on investments, retirement funds, and tax matters.  This is a good time to go over your books and consult with your accountant and financial planners.  You may expect rewards, good fortune, and an ending of limitations. 

The limitless light flowing from the August Gateway of Judah is being integrated, and what was lost is being found.  The limitless light flows through the Line and Lineage of Solomon the Great and anchors in Jerusalem and the Grand Tetons.  For each of you the creative intent of the divine is being poured into the physical world through a tremendous flow of energy.   These energies are coded to support the next step in evolution for humankind.  Beloved ones, the Divine Creator will support you and provide all things that are needed. 

Each of you has the strength and focus to complete projects, relationships, jobs, businesses, and cycles of healing!  You will find the path to wisdom opening.  Insights will flow, awareness will unfold, and your problems will be solved through these intellectual / emotional shifts.    Remember, most of humanity is suffering due to a lack of awareness and poor personal choices.   It is time for each of you to heal the suffering in your life as you embrace a new reality.  Greet this bountiful month with an open heart and hungry intellect.  You will learn and thrive in joy.  Everything necessary will be yours in time!

The New moon on the 5th energizes Chiron and will bring healing to all.  There will be  progress in medicine and the treatment of dread diseases during this month.  This is a good time to see to your medical and dental needs.    Also review your health practices and diet.  The dark moon will reveal scandals, plots, and intrigues.   You are required to discern what is true and what is real.  Unproven accusations and personal attacks may be expected in your personal life and in the public / political world.  The purpose for these “events” will be to reshape cultural values and redefine morality.  The energy will reveal the truth in time, so those who are falsely accused will be vindicated within a very short time.  

During this time there may storms and natural disasters.  Expect a crisis concerning crops and shifts in the stock market as a result.   The world of politics will continue to manifest extremes, sharply defined struggles, and battles for dominance.  The demand for change is going to be intensified.  Most of humankind will choose to follow the loudest, angriest voice.  Who will you choose?  Will you step up and serve as a leader?  Beloved ones, channel the energy and through your meditations and dreams shape it to meet the needs of the group.  Success will follow. 

Midmonth brings increased sensitivity.  It is time to consider the needs of those who cannot care for themselves. The issues of women and children will be brought to the forefront.  The Full Moon on the 19th amplifies political conflict.  Expect tremendous opposition to US and UK foreign policy as well as opposition and condemnation of Mid-Eastern and Asian factions.    

If you are cautious and responsible you will gain in status and increase physical assets at this time. The light is on your side! Become aware of an impulse to look outward and to give power to authority figures or “experts”.  You may believe they will guide you and perhaps make decisions for you.  Outside authorities will not be able to assist and physical answers from outer authority will not be available to most of you.  During this time you must rely on the “inner authority” which is your Soul - your Higher Self.  The inner contacts will be reliable.  

September is one of the most Spiritual months in a year filled with opportunities for Spiritual evolution. The guidance for this time is to dream your future into being.  Shape it with your imagination.  Give yourself permission to ponder, meditate, and fantasize as you reach through the mirror of your subconscious.  The other side offers a different, flowing reality.  Through this process you will know what it is that you really need and want.    As a result you will find yourself confident and supported by inner authority as you forge ahead.  The result (at the practical level) will be a new life based on different values and a strong sense of inner worth. 

During September Mars agitates fixed signs, and it releases intense desire for success.   You may feel compelled to make instant decisions without considering the needs and wishes of others.  Stop, consider the bigger picture, and ask for support.   If you succeed in this challenge you will find yourself on the path of right action.    

Beloved ones of light, determining “right action” is something for each to contemplate.  Know that right action is the result of divine guidance.  You will have the courage to confront and overcome all challenges this month.

The natural rhythm of life cycles is accentuated at this time for September also brings the Fall equinox - a time of natural equilibrium. What has risen will fall, what is at the nadir will be lifted to the top.  With the equinox the energy shifts, opening lessons through relationships as communications become more grounded. 

The Universal energetic flow has built dynamic flows of “new” energy.  The dynamic alignments bring harmony, mutuality, disciplined effort, and great rewards. 
The energy flowing in your life will be renewed, redirected,  filled with love from the Divine.  All of the vast potential that is within humankind will be revealed through the path of service.   Find your inner connection to the greater spiritual purpose, and the divine mind will open to you.  The limitless light is flowing abundantly.

My beloved children, seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  I am the Metatron.