Archangel Metatron

September 2010

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:  Joy, Prosperity, Transparency, Truth, Trust, Release, Healing, Communication, Understanding, Intuition, Opportunity, Windfall, Revealing

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the resolution of long term alignments releases blocked energies.  Troublesome aspects resolve and problems seem to slide away.  The aspects bring the potential for tremendous good luck. 

The energy is not peaceful, but it is dynamic, full of optimism, and bright opportunity.  Use these opportunities well and many blessings will follow!  Your ability to communicate and please others is highlighted.  Many will find they have the ability to entertain others. These aspects may manifest financial windfalls for some. 

The full moon blesses the world point with light but in opposition to Saturn and square Pluto.  This energy will reveal abuse in any form.  Corporate and government corruption scandals will explode as the energy reveals hidden truths.  Action by the government and action against the government is to be expected.  Transfers in power will arrive, feeding the media with sensational news for a time.  Untimely death or the loss of at least one powerful leader can be expected!

Live your life as though you are in a glass house, for in truth you are.  Within the energetic world of consciousness all humans are connected.  A mass spiritual awakening is underway, and the awakened ones will know and reveal the truth.  In this light, it is impossible to hide.  Transparency at the personal, business, and governmental levels will evolve from the light that arrives on earth during this time of change. 

World governments have overspent and will now be faced with budgetary crises.  This may force some to restructure their debt and currency changes are to be expected during the cycle ahead. Several years of upheaval in the financial world begins to resolve itself this month.  As the energy progresses there will be many distractions that take away the focus of industry and market leaders.  The result will be uneven progress toward a continued economic turnaround.  The real estate market will continue to be active and will represent the greatest place of change in the economy.  Industry will continue to be unstable.   Expect new regulations and taxes that will threaten the recovery of industrial and housing / mortgage recovery.  As a result of these influences expect some political upheavals over the next 18 months.   The theme of reveal and cleanse will continue for at least one year.   These energies foretell events that will manifest through December. 

Solutions that arise from sudden strokes of genius arrive just in time to change the future.  Some of you may feel the hand of God upon you this month.  Beloved Children of Light, allow yourselves to be guided and all will be well.

At a personal level the new moon brings many the urge to merge.  Those involved in romantic relationships may follow the energy by proposing and marrying in rapid sequence.  New relationships formed at this time, in this energy have the potential to be deep, honest, fulfilling, and blessed!  Forming new groups, aligning with friends and coworkers may be another expression of the energy.  Others are receptive so you are encouraged to speak about your innermost dreams and goals

In the light that is present the energy of “reveal and cleanse” may compel some to throw out old relationships that have not proven themselves. .  Unrestrained passions flow at month end allowing you to create reconciliations and negotiating workable, profitable agreements.

Change is in the air as the energy motivates you.  Energetic resistance has dissipated bringing you new professional directions and relief from tension.  Give yourself a fresh start.  Let go of limitations and difficult situations. 

At this time look after your health and take steps to strengthen your immune system.  There is potential for an epidemic illness during the winter and action taken now will be in your highest good.

Beloved ones, the path home is called joy.  The pleasure of love, friendship, and camaraderie will teach you that the communal journey of humankind is one of brotherhood and sisterhood.  Love God, yourself, your mate, your family, and love your neighbors and coworkers.  I am the Metatron.