Archangel Metatron

September 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:  Completion, Brilliant, Success, Liberation, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Harmony, Forgiveness, Manifestation, Appreciation, Sincerity, Elation, Extremes, Agression, Competition, Divine Mind, Limitless Light, Eternity and Destiny

Welcome to the full expression of genius, awareness, and hope.  The cycle of human evolution through the Piscean Age is complete.  The beginning of the Age of Aquarius is manifested.  To humankind I say well done, welcome to the path of return.  The journey home begins as this energetic gateway offers you a supersonic transport for your personal ascension! 

As the month of September begins humankind stands before the Energetic Gateway of Completion.  This gateway completes its opening process on September 9th and it will remain open through May 10th, 2010.  An energetic gateway is an opening or portal between the worlds and dimensions.  It brings the limitless light and creative intent of the divine into the physical world in a tremendous flow of energy.   These energies are coded to support a specific evolutionary theme to offer humankind Divine support through their next step.  The Gateway will open above the Mount Shasta retreat of the Masters.  The flow of limitless light will anchor through the ray of life manifested by Archangel Michael. 

This gateway holds the energy to complete your current processes in life as well as your current cycle of evolution.  The Gateway will provide each of you the energy necessary to complete projects, relationships, jobs, businesses, and cycles of healing!   This energy will prepare you to simultaneously move forward into a new kind of life.   The week before the gateway will support each of you as you examine your character and your dreams.  This is a critical time for each of you because the gateway coincides with a retrograde mercury to allow each of you to review and revise your past choices as you work toward personal completion.  Remember, the bulk of human suffering is caused by lack of awareness and poor choices.   This gateway may support each of you to heal the suffering in your life as you embrace a new reality.  Greet this opportunity with an open mind and heart.  All will be yours in time!

Beloved ones, know that the energy will be very strong.  Many of you may feel as though you are being deluged by the surging ocean of Universal energy coming through the gateway portal.  My advice is that you must develop “sea legs” and learn to maintain a new kind of balance.  Balance is not a static state – it is dynamic.   Mindfulness is required of each of you as you move through daily life and constantly adjust to the energy flow.. 

Humankind does not respond well to change, and this is a stressor for most people.   September is one of the most Spiritual months in a year of tremendous Spiritual evolution. The guidance I give you for this time ahead is to dream your future, shaping it with your imagination.  Give yourself permission to ponder, meditate, and fantasize as you reach toward your subconscious knowing of what it is that you really need and want.  This month the hard lesson will be to let go of control and ALLOW the flow of energy to be shaped by your dreams and imagination.  The divine mind will direct this delicate form created the power of your vision and direct it toward manifesting your highest good! 

One you have formed your vision, you will need to be aware enough to claim your highest good.  Accepting that you can have it all, allowing yourself joy, and opening to love will be the greatest task you will face in the time ahead. 

Around the middle of the month, physical answers will not be available to most of you.  Your impulse will be to look outward to authority figures or experts to guide you forward through the new decisions being required of each of you.  Inner resources of faith and hope, healing and empowerment, intuition and the inner knowledge you gain from your dreams will provide the answers that you need.  Looking to your inner or higher self will bring answers and although they may not seem practical, it will shift the power base of your personality.   As a result you will find yourself confident and supported as you forge ahead.  The result at a practical level will be a new life based on different values and a strong sense of inner worth. 

Find your inspiration during September and the result will be open doors wherever you look!  Some will call this month magical, others will call it difficult.. Either perspective will depend on how you use the energetic resources offered by the gateway and the alignment of the stars. 

During September Mars agitates all signs, releasing rewards that have been held back, forcing the resolution of karmic debts, and stimulating each of you to CHOOSE to make changes.  Accept that change is necessary, resistance is a worthless state, forward movement is assured.  Your challenge is to maintain a positive mental state in spite of the preponderance of retrograde planets asking you to slow down, reconsider, and evaluate your past.  The review process will bring insights and awareness into your patterns and history.  Your emotional history and patterns evolve into beliefs that may inspire and empower you or limit you.  Moving beyond limiting beliefs will allow you to release your personal connection to the Mind of the Divine.  This process is one of the challenges each of you are offered in order to achieve completion this month.  If you succeeed in this challenge you will find yourself on the path of right action.    

Beloved ones of light, determining “right action” is something for each to contemplate.  Know that right action is the result of divine guidance.  You will have the courage to confront and overcome all challenges this month.

The natural rhythm of life cycles is accentuated at this time for September also brings the Fall equinox a time of natural equilibrium. What has risen will fall, what is on the bottom will be lifted to the top.  Life paths not taken will be reconsidered.  The energy urges you to complete your journey and prepare for a new one to begin.  

With the equinox the energy shifts, opening lessons through relationships as communications become more grounded at the end of September.  Many of you will be offered second chances, and for those of “mature” years love and potentially fulfilling romantic relationships manifest suddenly.   Next month will prove these relationships as viable or not.  Whether these relationships manifest romance or friendship, you will find nurturing and joy are offered.  Love at midlife is sweet, maturity is the seasoning that brings full flavor to passion.  Midlife transformations arrive for those in this age group. 

Know that new patterns of Universal energetic flow have been unlocked through the aspects building over the past two months.  September provides an ending and review as well as new beginnings.  The energy will swirl and whirl you through your daily life offering you an experience of childlike abandon as you flow and drift in its patterns.  

The energy within your life is being renewed, positively redirected, and in the end all there is will be the love you carry within.  The lesson September offers is this:  The vast potentials that face humankind will be revealed through the path of service.   Find your inner connection to the larger spiritual ideals, and the divine mind will open to you.  The limitless light begins to flow once again after the reset provided by the eclipses over the past two months.   The newly energized flow will be redirected, manifesting through a new “riverbed” bringing sustenance and creative life force to those who have been crying out for it. 


My beloved children, seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  I am the Metatron.