Archangel Metatron

September 2008

September begins with a focus on releasing the stress, disillusionment, and new beginnings foretold for August. The energy this month supports letting go cleanly and clearly. Don’t hang on, just let go! The energy this month balances after last month’s intensity, and any plans that were upset will come upright again.

This energy supports positive self esteem, new relationships, and the beginning of profitable partnerships for many. Put your attention on your inner beauty and creating relationships that truly meet your needs. This is the month to redesign yourself and your image. It is the time to meet new people, and to reconcile with old friends or family (including those who have divorced a marital partner). In terms of former mates, they will always be a part of your family and no matter how negative your experience in the relationship was, you were once bonded by love. Where there was once love there is always hope! For some of you beloved ones, reconciliations may be in the works by the end of the month.

The exception to our advice to reconcile regards old lovers, those relationships that were not committed in a legal sense. Some of these past relationships may have come back into your life during last month’s starburst. Let old lovers go their own way with a blessing of joy. Remember, the blessing you give to others will be returned to you a thousand fold. What you let go of will be returned to you in a new relationship as it travels full circle. This energy will manifest as a higher level of love and passion in your next relationship which may begin in the last 10 days of September.

Changes are stressful and September’s soothing balanced energy may ease the stress encountered last month but will ensure the changes will be manifested. The ease and delight of September’s energy may continue through the end of this year for those of you who hold the light. Remember, the key to dealing with stress is BALANCE! The energy this month forces everyone to learn about balance in all areas of life, this is especially so in relationships and partnerships of all kinds.

The energy can make a master negotiator of anyone who puts their attention toward speaking their truth and asking for their needs and desires to be honored. Gain clarity about your needs and goals. Any difficulties in communication this month will manifest in the business, legal, and financial sectors. Someone will not be telling the truth in these areas so pay attention and carefully negotiate your best opportunity!

Communications of all kinds are supported in the energy this month, with great energetic changes on earth having manifested in a beneficial way. The Spiritual work that was necessary for humankind’s next step manifested successfully during August’s aspects, and energy has been redirected toward the evolution of all humankind in the light. This creates a window of opportunity for those who carry on from last month. Use the window well, move with confidence and with forward motion that is in the best interest of the whole culture. The theme of Peace on Earth can truly begin to manifest over the next quarter as people learn to communicate and understand each other.

Toward the end of the month, passions ignite, emotionally and mentally. In the last 10 days of the month depression will clear and new interests and relationships will begin to take a center point in your lives. The pace of life will pick up for many from this point in time until the beginning of the New Year. The great wheel of time turns, bringing you the harvest you have sown. If that is a good harvest or not it is the result of your actions and your choices. Learn from this manifestation and prepare yourself for a higher level of responsibility and choice in the year to come!

My Beloved Ones, focus on the theme of balance during this month and follow the path of JOY. This is the path toward peace, within you and in the global