Archangel Metatron

October 2010

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are renewal, soul centered, inheritance, values, opportunity, empowerment, intensity, security.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the light of equality begins to shift your cultures and the value systems you live by.   A theme of empowerment brings each person an opportunity to live life as a work of art.  Begin to think of love as a work of art and ask yourself how you can elevate your relationships?  Think of your job as an opportunity to create a masterpiece and ask yourself how you can be better at your tasks?  It does not matter how mundane your life this energy offers the opportunity to bring the divine into manifestation.   Small efforts will ensure the energy necessary for enormous change in your thinking, emotions, and spiritual presence.    

It is time to release the past and those you have depended upon.  What is required of you is an attitude of responsibility for each aspect of your life.  Accepting responsibility for your experience and beginning to consciously create can bring an attitude of fun and enliven your everyday world with pure magic.  Accepting an attitude of independence and discipline will give you the strength necessary to manifest your success.  Step forward and take charge to ensure positive results for yourself, as you also consider the others involved.  This is the month to express the greatest good that is within you. 

Passion and an urge to bond deeply with a loved one will result in an ultra romantic month for most of you.  The right relationship will be balanced, co-equal, shared between co-creators.  Relationships from the past may return to demand closure or reconciliation.   Do all that you can to avoid turmoil and drama but have the courage to speak your truth! Everyone will find that they must put forth effort to be sensitive.  In this energy, your consciousness evolves and you will be able to define the things you say and do that limit your success. 

The light draws the shadows forth to reveal potential conflict. It highlights the Mideast, Africa, and Southern Europe.  Iran will gain the global spotlight as a renewed crisis intensifies.   The global community will focus on nuclear issues.  Russia will begin the change in leadership foretold by the summer eclipse cycle.  Moscow and Washington will clash over nuclear policies.  Japan will serve as mediator counseling, administering negotiations, and balancing the powers to maintain peace.  As a result the world will learn a new way.  The conflict between Iran and  Israel may escalate as sudden, rash action is foreshadowed by these aspects.   Issues of slavery, trafficking, and exploitation will continue to be highlighted in the news.  The exposure of these violations of basic human rights may open the potential to shift cultural values and consciousness.   The Gulf disaster will either end or escalate at the October new moon.  The final outcome of this lesson is yet to be defined. 

This month begins a harvest and a 6 month cycle of energetic change through choice.  The crisis and conflict will progress toward conclusion although the final outcome is unpredictable at this time.  These choices will be made by the mass consciousness.   As each individual contributes to that consciousness and the results will affect everyone I urge you to consider carefully your opinions and emotions as these events begin to unfold.  Peace is possible, balance can be manifested, but those divine qualities begin within each individual first. 

The new moon manifests aggressive energy and a desire to project ones’ influence and personal power.  Accidents involving fire are to be expected and hopefully avoided with this warning.

Midmonth highlights communication and education.  This is the time to expand your intellectual horizons, advertise, and meet new people.  Intuition opens in this light bringing spiritual evolution to everyone according to their current capacity to integrate. 

The full moon is a favorable time for networking and offers the awareness to create much needed solutions.   Consciously focus your energies rather than take on too much and scatter your forces.   Vulnerability to respiratory illness and influenza will be high. 

The last week brings a halt to headway.  Allow things to be as they are, you can solve problems later.   Plan your schedule so that you may rest during this week.  

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  This month may bring your hearts’ desire in the form of your true mate, true genius, and may reveal your highest path.  Flow with the energies and accept the Grace of the Divine that is offered to you from the light!    I am the Metatron.