Archangel Metatron

October 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are  change, drama, consciousness, synchronicity, gifts, humility, gratitude, thanksgiving, endings, beginnings, self respect, independence, motivation, healing, joy.


Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   October opens with flair and drama and it will end with a complete change in energy.   You have moved into a new world.  A new global consciousness will manifest from this beginning.  The old ways and tools are coming to their end as a new world emerges.  Take charge but also hold onto the safety strap for your life is about to move into fast forward.  The force of synchronicity will manifest opportunities for you.    New work, new friendships, new love, and abundance from multiple sources is waiting for many of you.  As October begins, I urge you to look for the opportunities, seize them, and follow through.  By the end of October, your life may be transformed.  Action taken now will offer critical steps toward fulfillment and joy.  Know that your worries may be a thing of the past by the middle of 2010 IF you accept the gifts the divine will offer. 


This month the Moon will appear to “wobble” as it is subjected to intense energies.  This influence often means that emotional conflicts are developing.  Most of these issues will be held within, allowing you to resolve them on the inner.  If you talk to yourself about your issues and conflicts in relationships, you will increase their power!  Resolve conflicts quietly as you turn to your higher self.  Take full responsibility for your choices and be responsible for yourself instead of making demands on others. 


There is also a potential to be emotionally overwhelmed or feel intimidated by the daunting demands of daily life.  Beloved child, accept that there are many external pressures affecting your health, wealth, and career.  Acceptance is a skill and involves emotional resolve.  This will allow you to cope with circumstances from an attitude of dignity and grace instead of complaining and wallowing in self pity.  If a sense of helplessness or dependency pervades your thoughts, redirect yourself toward empowered thinking.   There may be a tendency to overreact emotionally.  You may feel driven to make decisions based on an emotional need to feel secure.  Remind yourself to take stock of your emotional stability often.


The positive aspect of the shifting Moon energy is that you will be able to understand your patterns of behavior.  The limitations and beliefs that keep you in your current emotional position will be made clear in the light brought through this month.  You will know intuitively what steps are necessary to take charge of your life once again.    Self respect, independence, and motivation are the keywords to use as a mantra if you find these issues becoming troublesome. 


Use the energies to empower yourself and focus on following through with the actions that will move you toward love, healing, and abundance.   Keep focused, asking  “what steps do I need to take to remain in charge and control of my circumstances?”  As changes manifest, stay grounded in the here and now, not the past or the future.  Take one step at a time.  Your momentum will carry you toward a new life, new relationships, abundance, and satisfying work. 


Global politics and the economy respond positively to the sense of freedom and optimism this energy manifests.  Speculation may yield profits for some of you.  This month will bring an upswing and a downturn as the energy manifests volatility in the market.   A critical point has been passed, expect the unexpected as you move through this period of adjustment in the process of economic recovery.   Foreign relations are tested at the end of the month when Saturn shifts into Libra.  The theme of partnership speaks to governments as well as individuals.  


Know that altruistic efforts to assist others will bring you joy and gain the approval of the Creators. Gifts and rewards will come to you if you follow this advice.   To some the gift of foresight or prophecy is given.  To another the gift of spiritual hearing or sight may manifest.  Some will develop the ability to feel with depth and empathy.  Each of you will have different gifts offered.  Some gifts are more dramatic than others, but in the eyes of the Divine, they are all equal.   Know that your task is to accept the gift and use it. If you lament or experience jealousy over what is given to another, your gift will be released and offered to one who may show gratitude to the Creator. 


Beloved ones, hold on to your humility and avoid negative emotions.  Know these emotions show you where you must heal yourself, as they limit you from experience of the Divine.

At the end of the month Saturn moves into Libra.  Due to the opposition with Uranus, this past year has been a time of tumultuous energy.  This will be your last opportunity to organize and prioritize your life.  Create a financial plan for yourself early in the month.  Do this before the desire for possessions influences you to overextend.  Your financial picture will evolve and be different after January 2010.  Until then conserve what you have.  Marriage, partnership, and the qualities of diplomacy, fairness, equality, and cooperation will be highlighted with Saturn’s movement.   Healing yourself can be defined as gaining new courage to face the challenges of life.


An era is ending, and a new one begins this month.   As Saturn moves forward, so do  Uranus and Neptune.  Change is in the energy, and it is a much larger one than you can be aware of!    Beloved ones, seek your joy.  Remember, the path of return to the divine is a mindful journey. As a collective of humankind the pleasure of shared joy will deepen your relationships and enrich your emotional experience!   Those you love are your greatest teachers.  The choice to love is the greatest sacrifice and gift of all! 

I am the Metatron.