Archangel Metatron

October 2008

Welcome to the month of storms. The Storms may be literal or they may be metaphorical as stress will be expressed at every level of life in each culture and society.

October brings each of you the opportunity to think about issues that have been weighing heavy on your minds and hearts. You may perceive new aspects regarding the situation you find yourselves in. The past may come around again for a second chance or a second look. Old lovers may reappear in your lives, you may get news from old friends you have lost touch with, or you may find items that have been lost.

Criminal cases may have new developments, and court hearings may bring reversals or new discoveries changing the mass perception of what everyone thought of as reality. Those who were considered innocent may be found guilty, and the so called guilty may be cleared of all crimes. Knowledge of the mysteries of life, energy, and what comes after life may open for those who seek hidden knowledge. This is the month to understand that your perceptions of what is good and what is evil are to be evaluated at a deeper level. The philosophies of humankind will be found lacking in terms of explaining the challenges to cultural values most will experience this month.

This is the time to restore, replace, renovate, rewrite, and repair. Return to all the things you need to do but have been putting off! Clean up your life and prepare for the future.

This cycle of energy brings about fated, inevitable events in many lives. You may feel powerless in these circumstances, and if you remember to let go to the higher power of the Universe, all will be well. These events may be experienced as joyous and positive or negative and limiting. It is up you and for your experience is truly your choice in the moment. Remember, the process of choice is yours!

October’s cycles of energy will bring opportunities from the stars for a future that is remarkable and surprising. This cycle of energy is intense and yet peaceful. New technologies and breakthroughs in solving the problems facing your economies and health will begin this month. The future holds bright hope as a result of the efforts many put forth this month. Venus is the queen of the sky throughout October, and she will Support the arts, relationships, agriculture, and emotions in tremendous ways. The benefit you experience will depend on your choices to become more creative, more open to love, more connected to the earth and growth, more connected to your family and friends, and to work to be in touch with your emotions.

The energy signature for the month coaches all of you to look deeply into what may be unconscious or subconscious. The planets will open doorways in your mind, and perceptions as well as the lightning bolt of sudden understanding will be yours as a result! Think, meditate, ponder deeply on relationships past and present. Look into your difficulties with others and do not be in a rush to end relationships or commit to them. Next month will be the time to make those decisions. This is not the time to marry, unless it is a remarriage! The last week of September may have brought about reconciliations between those who have been mates in the past, in these cases marriage will be blessed, emotions deep and clear, and the pain of the past will be PAST!

Passion, anger, and intense emotions will begin the first week of October, and may continue for the next fortnight. This energy must be directed in an active way to benefit your life. Many do not choose to experience their emotions fully. For some this is a cultural aspect, for others it is the result of training within their families of origin. Emotional self control is a critical factor in maintaining relationships and is necessary to be able to go on with life in spite of the challenges you face. However, emotional self control does not mean “stuffing” your emotions so that you do not experience them fully. Current emotions last for only a few minutes, old emotions relating to your emotional history and the things you did not choose to “feel” last much longer. It is time to learn to sort out past emotions from current emotions, and to learn to feel completely in the moment! The Spiritual process of living in the moment will become much easier once you have learned this process. Venus will give you the support necessary for this inner work. The result will be miracles of healing, abundance, and creativity to benefit your lives and the lives of many around you.

This month’s vibration is one to establish a master spiritual relationship. Relationships are your teachers and are sacred within their own realms. With so many earth changes around you, find herbs and stones that resonate with you and surround yourself with them or drink teas and elixirs made from them. This will support the energy of power and emotional change you will face.

The second week of October brings the energy of atonement and forgiveness. This is the time to connect with Angels. Any forgiveness you give another will come back to you many times over. A magical and mystical time follows. This doorway into your emotions and dreams may not be practical, but it will manifest your greatest good as a result of the energy.

I give you my love and support. Call upon my name. Archangel Metatron