Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

November 2014

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:  Solutions, frustration, progress, inspiration, holiday, gratitude, JOY, prosperity

Welcome to the full integration of the 4th Dimension and a higher expression of the Age of Aquarius!  November’s energy will be passionate and intense.  November also opens a cycle of peace and harmony for the global community.   As the lights align in Scorpio the energy moves inward, and the flow will slow.  Beloved ones use this time to reflect, recoup, and consider the choices before you.  Use this time well, connect with others and cherish those you love.

All the world is experiencing the aftershock of the eclipse cycle in October.  You will feel these energetic shifts and they will continue into the summer of 2015.   

On the global scene you may expect some notable individuals to fall from power, others will fall from grace.   Radical activity will hold the attention of many, I ask that you redirect your attention toward love and joy.  Some nations will have difficult times and great suffering. Other nations will be beset with rumors and chaos experiencing great fear as a result.  All of these are illusions.  Focus on the inner and delve deeply into your Spiritual nature.  Evolve your character.  As you find that all is well within, the world around you will shift.

I can tell you that during November many things will change, this will simply manifest without warning or preamble.  Those who work to bring suffering will find that they overestimate their capacities.  They will lose!    Average people will be caught in the middle, but the average individual – loving life - will thrive.  By the end of November there will be much to be thankful for!  Mediation and negotiation will bring success and peace!  You will find that ideas conquer everything and the word is truly mightier than the weapons of the world.

At a personal level these energies bring attitude, disagreements, and hostile attitudes.   There will be intense emotion and great passion, as well as stimulation and excitement. 
You may expect changes in taxation, insurance requirements, and an assortment of small overwhelming changes in your personal life.  Everything will out better in the end. 

As the lights align each of you will find greater creativity, abundance, and empowerment.  I say to each of you dear ones; the more you create the greater your joy and empowerment will be.  You may expect social success and financial abundance throughout November.  If you choose to create rather than argue, disagreements will miraculously melt away.  Each of you will learn that love conquers all.

Discipline yourself, and treat others with caring, concern, and consideration.  You will have few problems through November and blessed holiday season!  During this Fall season your perceptual awareness may guide you to true spiritual insights.

The New Moon is on the 22nd takes place in Sagittarius.  This brings optimism and spontaneity.  It will also create a serious, and heavy energetic outlook.   The energy is potent, some would say combustible. Sudden changes, fires, explosions, volcanos and upsets are to be expected from this new moon.  You may redirect the energy and find passionate love, physical vitality, and improved health and wellbeing instead.  What do you choose?

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Choose to protect and serve your family, the community, and those who are in need!  The path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!