Archangel Metatron

November 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are Intensity, Determination, Stimulation, Serendipity, The Hand of the Divine, Perception, Integration, Extremes, Fulfillment, Reliability, Enthusiasm, Devotion, Truth

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Light   As November begins humankind prepares for the fulfillment of prophecies.  The promise between Elohim and humankind is defined by the numerical Code of Ascension which is 11:11:11.  On November 11, 1991, the 11:11:11 Angelic “Gateway” opened.  

This Gateway manifested and maintained the Angelic presence on Earth.  Over this time Angelic intercession, healing, guidance, and support has flowed ceaselessly toward humankind.    Progressive octaves of Angelic energy opened with each permutation of the numerical code 11:11:11.  

Many changes in your world have manifested as a result of the Angelic presence.  A few include anchoring of the Archangelic Rays and recalibration of the Ley Lines through the Earth and the magnetic grids around the Earth.  These energetic changes have been manifested by the Angels and Archangels in support of the evolution of humankind, moving your world toward the ascension. 

Tumultuous changes may be at hand as the code unlocks the process of manifestation!  From the 11th day of the 11th month in this year equaling 11, divine energies pour forth to support you, to evolve you, to bless you.  I call this the sanctification of Humanity.   After this date the Angelic Gateway will close, allowing Humankind to find a new path and manifest a new way. 

The energy signature in November sounds echoes of past energetic alignments that manifested turning points in human history. These energies and aspects may now manifest turning points in your lives.  November is the beginning, and these changes will progress for the term of one year. 

Before November’s 11:11:11 gateway manifests I urge you to gain clarity about your goals and dreams, your needs and wants.  Achieve balance and establish yourself firmly on the path of your highest good. 

Financial aspects show deception in the area of security and investments.  Quick and prudent action will allow you to limit your losses.  Decreasing spending at the national and personal level is a good choice at the time of the new moon.  Be prudent with your resources through the completion of the eclipse cycle of 2010.  The limitations in financing or materials should not limit your creativity or thought. 

Health issues surface at a global level, as the aspects that manifested the flu epidemic are replayed.  This will trigger further debate about healthcare systems.   Concerns about the food supply must be heeded and proposed social programs need careful evaluation for they may be unsound.  During the beginning of the month Saturn changes signs.  Often people feel out of sorts as a result of the shift in magnetic frequencies and tempers may flare over trivial issues.  I advise each of you to take care when operating machinery and driving for there is potential for accidents. 

Mental energy is high on 11:11:11!  Enlightenment is easily achieved if your desire to be one with God is pure.   From this time to the end of November, you will find yourself to be more receptive to inspiration and to the vibrations of joy.  You may be given insights and vivid perceptions allowing you to understand the patterns that form the energetic matrix of your world.  Beloved Children of Light, seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! 

I am the Metatron.