Archangel Metatron

November 2008

The dream for the month is freedom. This means personal freedom, economic freedom, and freedom of the mind and heart. This month begins the process of letting your old world go to allow a new world to begin – one person at a time.

November begins with tremendous support for these changes; they are backed by most aspects of your consciousness. Your fears are the only things which will hold you back. Now is the time to eliminate fear and to clear out hidden fears from your subconscious. Know that FEAR is the only thing that limits you!

There is discomfort in facing an unknown future. That is normal, and it is important for you to understand that discomfort and fear are not the same thing. Everyone can cope with a little discomfort and hesitation in creating the next step. Everyone can cope with the discomfort of not knowing which changes they CAN make or SHOULD make. Know that during this month each of you are being called to step onto your highest path of service, work, love, and spiritual evolution. The call is not selective or optional. Each of you must take this next step, and if you do so the rewards of your courage and trust in yourself will be enormous. The result will be the freedom that each person requires in order to be their true, authentic self.

Use the beginning of the month to ponder the questions, “What am I afraid of? What holds me back? What is the worst that would happen IF this occurs?” Work with these questions in your mind, and then write down your insights. You will find you are able to release the fears that aspects at the beginning of the month will highlight for you. As you release them you will create the energy and atmosphere of freedom which will support you in doing what you want. From that your highest possibility for a new life may begin. If you do not use the energy productively the fears that are buried in your subconscious will continue to limit you and your potential choices. Work consciously with these emotions and your unconscious debris will be revealed. If you do not work with it consciously, fear will overtake your life and energy!

Politics are a manifestation of the mass consciousness, and the election will make visible to each of you and to the world the state of the mass consciousness of humankind. Make a choice for yourself, and you make a choice for all. This month begins the process of recoding the mass consciousness according to the choice that is manifested in this election. What do you choose? Peace or conflict?

At mid-month the energy may well bring a crisis into your lives. It may be deeply personal or it may be global and economic in nature. There may also be announcements of political changes or new technology that will change the economy in radical ways. Pay attention, for this crisis is NOT a bad thing! It is part of the necessary changes that will result in greater economic freedom for each of you.

Each of you must shift your consciousness. Most people fear change, they do not embrace it. If you can embrace the change through crisis that emerges at mid-month the result will be an uplifting of your energy and life. The energy is personal as well as transpersonal and will affect all beings in one way or another!

A complete change in energy environment occurred in May, and this is what I describe as the “coming of light”. This month those energy changes will sink into the consciousness of those who are spiritually aware, and they will be the first to benefit during the release and reset of energy that will begin in late December. The light is HERE now, and everything is different. Know it and embrace this change. It will empower those aware ones to shape their reality according to their consciousness. The enormous energetic change must be noted in the course of your inner work to take place this month.

Although the economic trends may seem frightening and quite dismal, the mid month energy will release the next step for global financial markets. The end of the month will bring resolution and clarity to this event, and solutions that emerge by the end of the month will change life for the better for the masses of humankind. Sudden brilliant strokes of insight and awareness will be the gift the Archangels give to your economic and political leaders! The tide will turn, but the change will take time to be implemented and to create a new economy. The events this month will begin to manifest in January 2009. This is long term in nature and you must be prepared.

These aspects and energies will appeal to many conservatives, and they may attempt to move the world into restriction and limitation in their effort to CONTROL what is at hand. Avoid the appeal of safety and sticking to what would be called “normal”. Instead, be conservative and aware in this way. Conserve – do not waste food, energy, money, or time. Instead of working to maintain the same old world and ways, work to create a new world and a time of greater personal freedom. In this energy the new technology the world desperately needs may begin to manifest.

The energy at the end of the month shifts to one of tremendous support for each of you.

If you have done your consciousness work, the end of the month will bring you the next step in your life. Whether those steps are to manifest a good personal relationship, new friendships, a new job or business change, or even an addition to the family the change will manifest from the highest GOOD that is available for you.

The freedom you create for yourself this month will serve you for the 4 year cycle that begins with New Years in 2009.

Many creative artists and performers will find this energy bringing them greater appeal. New songs, new movies, and new forms of multimedia entertainment will come from November’s planetary alignments. These songs will carry the seeds for a new kind of consciousness. The movies will create new ideas and philosophies, at time they will reframe history. The movies will prepare each of you for the times to come so pay attention. Some of the greatest concepts are brought into the consciousness of all through music, song, and the movies!

The consciousness that you are a God or Goddess in the process of “becoming” is what I speak of. Can you embrace your own divinity? Can you perceive the divinity in others?

My Children, know YOU are divine beings, and you create joy within the being of the Creator through your every existence. You ARE JOY!   I am Metatron