Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Asta

May 2012

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are blessings, prosperity, risk, joy,

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the energy flow shifts opening the season of light!  This manifests new patterns of light, placing emphasis on personal evolution, family life, and loving relationships.  The planetary alignments bring stability, affection, and understanding.   You will be infused with creative energy.  Practical improvements at home and an emotional breakthrough will manifest balance and greater stability.  Place your focus on your behavior and ways to improve yourself.  Make a few mental and emotional adjustments.  Small changes will bring you greater happiness and deep satisfaction for all parties included.  Any pending (personal) legal situations will be resolved.

Globally, the energy flow progresses, expect many changes in the political world.  Long term alliances will shift, upsetting the status quo.  The “public” will begin to focus on redefining the role of government for the needs of the people must be met.  Many average people will find that it will be easier to deal with governments and organizations.  

You will be highly intuitive and motivated to make changes.  At work it is time for a fresh start, supervisors will be open to anything that manifests constructive change.    Honor your inner drive for self expression and your need for greater independence.   Plan and organize your next step but set aside major decisions until mid June. 

The urge to manifest your potential arises from inner pressure rather than outside influences.   Managing these energies will require great discipline.  You are being guided to your highest path, true relationship, and purpose for this lifetime, however you can expect confusion about which path is right.  It is not yet time to be decisive for the energies are spiritual, diffused, and nebulous.  Your visionary capacities will be open, and you will find many new ideas and different perspectives flooding your conscious awareness. Your challenge will be to discern, discriminate, and choose from the multitude of possibilities presented to you within this energy environment.    It is important for you to record these ideas and visions in a journal.  Remain emotionally detached; wait until you have clarity and an inner sense that “this is the right choice.”  Your inner drive to manifest change may lead you to engage a political party, or unite with a group dedicated to a particular cause.  Be certain that this group is constructive with a positive philosophy, dedicated to creating solutions.

At midmonth the flow of emotional energy shifts, bringing resolution and healing to past relationships.  One from your past returns and (potential) new lovers appear.   Those in established relationships will either find greater happiness or make a choice to separate honorably.  May 15 to June 26 brings an opportunity to meet your soul mate.   The energies stimulate you to examine your emotional values, your need for affection and deepened connection.  Greater balance manifest from this inner work.  Embrace the next step in your romantic life. 

The season of light inspires you to relax and enjoy the pleasure of your physical senses.  Take the time to experience the beauty and joy of life!  Play, have a massage, garden, dance, swim, and enjoy delicious food.  Positive energy gives you the sense that abundance is everywhere.  You can be confident of positive changes in terms of your material and financial life. 

During this time the energy offers the opportunity to connect to your own divinity and tap the unlimited flow of Intelligence that marks the presence of spirit!  Share your ideas and seek inner peace through meditation, reading inspiring books and poetry, and spending time in nature.

The solar eclipse on the 20th resets the energetic flow, manifesting a new energetic theme that will unfold over the next 6 month cycle of evolution.  Whatever happens on the 20th will reflect your contract with the Creator for this life!  Set aside decisions until the energy releases on June 13th.    You may expect positive manifestation at that time!  

A moon wobble manifesting after the eclipse brings a short period of instability and carelessness.   Be aware and remain mindful.  Between the 20th and 26th you may find yourself over analyzing everything or making unwise decisions.  Instead, breathe – focusing on your center.  This will open your intuition.  

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Everything is unfolding perfectly.   Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  This month manifests progress in all of your relationships and will deepen your connection to Spirit.   I am the Metatron.