Archangel Metatron

May 2010

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are  evolution, miracles, light, political strife, children, food, joy, lower self, integration, employment, interdependence, brilliance, love, earth changes, complete change.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   During this month of grand opportunities Uranus moves forward, stimulating the world point.  This energy will be experienced directly by the global community as well as individuals.  It has been more than 8 decades since the last time this energetic theme has manifested.  The astral cycles  are manifesting influences that demand new choices in order to avoid repeating past experiences.  Will these energies be experienced in a new way?   Jupiter conjoins Uranus toward the end of the month bringing stunning opportunities and new beginnings.   

If you need a job the first week is a good time to interview or to make sales presentations. A strong energy flow brings potential for innovation and positive action.

During the last third of May the economic theme of 1930 is echoed through Saturn and Jupiter in opposition.   Cycles of speculation and success followed by a cycle of depression have been played out in the past under these influences.  Instead, I guide world leaders to use this as an opportunity for changes that will result in an economy balanced between corporate, government, and personal interests.  In your personal finances evaluate what works, discern why failure has occurred in some situations, and proceed to make changes in your personal economic goals.  Positive change will be the result.  Under this alignment failure to plan guarantees failure to succeed. 

Greater government control and regulation will impact the lives of individuals.  These are attempts to create interdependence and will eventually manifest greater economic equality.  At the same time, demands for individual freedom will be intense.  The ongoing theme of political and economic change continues for the next 4 months.  Unexpected events and geophysical crises will bring unique solutions in the midst of overwhelming challenges.  

Jupiter joins Uranus and this most fortunate combination brings out your higher self in its most divine expression. This month also places energetic pressure on the sensitive points that will reveal your lower self and allow you to evaluate your personal evolution.  Your lower self which is often described in terms of negative traits.  Instead, define it as the part of yourself most removed from contact with your divinity (the higher self).  This is the part of personality that is ignorant and energetically impoverished.  You may gain through an energetic boost that will allow you to permanently heal your lower self.  Children of Light, awareness of your own responses makes it all possible. 

These aspects will mobilize the masses and spur political change over issues of the poor and needy.   The basic needs of employment, adequate housing, clean water, and reasonably priced food are being demanded.  Technological breakthroughs that support distribution of basic necessitates to underdeveloped countries are indicated.   Restore hope in small ways!  New uses for unwanted items, technology that creates greater efficiency in recycling, and a cleansing of society may be some of the expressions of this brilliant energy.   Earth changes, accidents, and storm cycles are likely to be stimulated by these aspects.  Consider them to be the path for change and face what comes without fear.

The May 5-10 energetic gateway opens a power week and you will find your strength flowing from within.  You will be able to solve problems and complete ongoing projects with inspiration.   Falling deeply and permanently in love may change your life as these power aspects may inspire you to take a chance.   Increased responsibilities and a heavy workload demand your dedication.  Implement practical applications and express your creativity.  You will be noticed at work or school and rewards will begin to manifest.

During this time of dramatic economic change retirement and pensions are brought under scrutiny.   Speak with an advisor you trust and begin to plan your financial future.   Discipline yourself to get an early start as unexpected delays, problems, and general blockages disrupt your planning.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  I am the Metatron.