Archangel Metatron

May 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are  Beginnings, Energy, Light, Support, Sharing, Discernment, Conflict, Determination, Vocational Training, Focus, Confrontation, Affection, Ideals, Resolutions, Liberation, Faith, Communion, Generosity, Transcendence, Dispassion

 My Beloved Ones of Light, this month offers breathtaking inspirational opportunities. It begins an energetic shift that will produce manifestation in July and again in December.  You will look for concrete ways to manifest your hopes and dreams during this month, and my Beloved ones, I say to you “what you seek will be found“. 

 Over the recent months you gathered your strength and found spiritual nourishment, opening new potentials, and expanding to demonstrate your success in meeting the challenge of a new world.  You have been working through the challenge to hold yourselves to the highest of standards.   Know that the lesson you are learning is one of  cooperation with the presence of the divine.  Accept that which is already yours.  Can you allow yourself to have all that is yours without limit from the “All That Is”?  The gifts of abundance, love, wisdom, and joy are waiting for you! 

 You will find that May begins the process of bringing forth personal transformation from a vast pool of core power.  You are finding ways to demonstrate your divine power through emotional self discipline.  Refinement in aesthetic values and emotions will evolve through   the trend beginning this month.   What was a vague notion, dream, ideal, or fear will now begin to solidify into reality.  This introduces new dimensions of experience into each of your lives. 

At a personal level this will lead you to understand how you function within a group, and your leadership abilities will evolve as a result of this new awareness.   The whole of humankind is being guided to organize things more efficiently in all areas of life especially at the collective level of government.   

Your lessons have been introducing the quality of dispassion.  You must be willing to embrace other’s ideas in order to deal with problems, manage emotional and social relationships, and contribute to collective wisdom.  The result of these lessons will be to understand recent and future events with intelligence, to synthesize your soul and physical energy in order to strengthen yourself, and consolidate the awakenings this year has brought.   You are working toward autonomy, a broader vision, and will create a connection to all life around you.  You have been learning to move through unstable energies and imbalances with ease.  May introduces the concept of perfecting and enjoying your individuality.  All of this energy is cathartic and will lead you to various forms of fulfillment by mid-2009.

If you have resisted these lessons of individualization you may have adopted a passive attitude, moved into apathy, or felt victimized.  Instead Beloved ones, choose to cooperate with your immortal potential, and place your entire attention upon the reality you desire to manifest.  Begin to shape your lives using higher awareness and creative visualization. This month, you will be able to cut through confusion and competing perspectives as the power by which great dreamers transcend reality will be yours to direct through the light of your mind.

For the first two weeks of May work with endings through closure rituals, forgiveness, and practice compassion.    The energy of tension is established between the forces of change and the current status quo, innovation and regressive patterns.   Learn to establish balance between faith and action and the tension will dissipate. 

The energy cycle at midmonth brings humankind to a fork in the road of destiny.  This energy activates critical choices that must be made as these aspects form 7 times in the year ahead, culminating May 10, 2010.   The energetic configuration activates 6 of 7 points of the Angelic Star  astrologers call a Great Septile.   It is a portentous time in human affairs and nothing will be the same as a result. 

Everyday, mundane energies dictate that you let go of dishonest or negative relationships, especially those that undermine you, or draw forth your lower self.  Turn away from activities that waste time, energy, or money.   Stay balanced in your view of what is just, be sensitive to your own needs.  Sidestep arguments for they will go nowhere.  Evaluate where you are getting the results you want, or where you are getting lost in loose ends.  . 

After mid-May, extraordinarily productive energy manifests and late May through mid-June should prove to be a time of harmony.   These energies will help us in very practical ways. Remember to be your best self, take new initiatives, and by June new habits will be established.

Communications may offer challenges and hold you back from completing tasks this month.  From the 6th to the 30th, pay attention to your words.  Make certain that others heard what you said and understood what you meant.

Beloved ones, May brings a time when your intentions of hope and faith will manifest the best that is within you.  There is hope, you are more optimistic about potential outcomes as you build your sense of faith and meaning in life.   You feel as if you have been given a new mission, one you can deeply believe in, feel inspired by, and devote your time and energy to.