Archangel Metatron

March 2010

Beloved ones, the keywords I give for your meditation and contemplation this month are  evolution, miracles, light, political strife, children, food, joy, integration

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As March begins each of you are held within the light, centered within time.  The star alignments make this month as the beginning of the golden cycle of light.     The energy is flowing bringing continuity and progress within your personal lives, your local and national political process, and within the global community.   In no other epoch of time has the family of mankind been so linked economically, socially, and politically.  You are truly becoming one people progressing toward ascension.  Well done!

Within this theme of progress toward your spiritual evolution there are tests and trials which are best described as opportunities to make choices.   These minor stress influences do not change the positive nature of the energy flow.  They offer you the stimulation of challenge and add variety to the energetic tapestry.  These stressful aspects will arise from the interplay between your natal chart and the transiting planets.   If you have planets in mutable signs be consciously aware of this energy as a form of positive stimulation and you will succeed in remarkable ways.    

At a global level the stress may manifest through Indonesian and Iranian politics.  Unrest resulting from repression and the violence of terrorism may make the news.   The United States government may suddenly release unexpected economic news.  This month will offer surprising revelations in politics and business.  Unexpected change should be “expected’!   

It is advisable for each of you to remember to be prudent with your investments and cautious in personal conversation.   If an offer is too good to be true it probably is for there are aspects hinting at deception in the investment world.   Many of you are likely to be emotional about your financial security.  Consider carefully that your view of reality where money is concerned may be unclear.  

Those who have power and those who wish to take it away will provide entertainment for many.   Some celebrities and leaders may step over the line of appropriate behavior and get caught.     Few energetic cycles will put so much pressure on the ideals of truth and transparent communications.  Many who intend to lie may open their mouths and surprisingly the truth will pour out. 

March is the month when some may find authenticity as your emotions, values, dreams and goals may offer clues leading you to your “true place”.    Say what you mean, mean what you say, and understand that you must own your words!   At the same time, do not believe all you hear.  I advise you to avoid negative thinking, rumor mongering, or gossip.

Through March the intensity of the alignments compounds the energy.  For those who are energetically sensitive this may lead to sensory overstimulation.  Expect abrupt changes in direction from the people around you.  Unless your birth sign is Pisces, I advise that you avoid making long term agreements. This can be an exciting time if you find the inner quality of flexibility and accept the need to adjust.  Adopt an attitude of acceptance what the Universe will bring you.   This may be a golden time that you will remember for the rest of your life, or conversely a time of change around you where nothing of great personal importance manifests.  If you remember to set personal goals and thereby direct the energy you will be empowered to manifest the changes you desire and bring about your true place, travelling the highest possible path in your life.     

Through this month nearly everyone will seek stimulation from unique forms of entertainment. This will lead you to personal insights and a deeper understanding of Universal principles.  Some may attract the divine experience of “love at first sight.”  Expect the energy of renewal and reconciliation in your existing relationships.  You will be reminded about the higher purpose for each connection as you are stimulated to cherish each person in your life for their unique presence.      

Through March the energy demands “forward” motion.  This is the time for you to take charge of your studies and your career.  Projects that have stalled will suddenly pick up momentum moving toward manifestation.  There are no energetic obstructions to new beginnings and frustrations will dissolve.  Ambition, energy, and your inner drive will align so you may realize your dreams and goals.  The Universe is offering each of you inspiration, but discipline is required of you.  Plan and envision sensible goals at the same time you allow yourself to dream.   Ideas may be translated into reality with ease.   You will be inspired toward sensible methods to implement your creative ideas, thereby achieving success and recognition.  Each of you is being called upon to contribute the best that is within you for the greater good of the whole. 

Overall, March will be a month of positive energy, benign intent, offering a tremendous  potential for joy.    Become aware of your larger purpose in life.  You may come to know what you really want to do with your life, how you want to spend your time, and to understand your connection to the world at large.  

Bliss, oneness, love, compassion, and healing are being offered to all by the Universal forces at work.  Your exchange will be to eliminate escapism, addiction, and work toward authenticity.   Creativity is a potent, powerful force.  Move forward in trust and confidence.  March will stimulate innovation and new beginnings as limitations end!   Your potential for happiness is very high because nothing is in the way!  Accept the lessons of discipline and surrender to the higher power moving upon the earth at this time.  My beloved ones, serenity, trust, and an abiding faith in the unseen will support each of you as you move toward finding your authentic self.