Archangel Metatron

March 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation are originality, scandals, sudden stroke of fate,  shakeups, eccentricity, combat, balance, clarity, and truth, divine grace, creativity.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the March begins the winds of change are roaring through your world.  Power and initiative will carry the day as many will step forward to claim their role of leadership in the new world being crafted from the hardship and fear rampant throughout history.

The cycles of time and nature are your focus during this month.  All life is subject to the cycles of time.    This month the cycle of time brings the change of seasons that will be the first Spring of the Age of Aquarius.  This spring will manifest the golden light of the new age, and in time a world of peace will be your world. 

Hope is a term I use to describe your pattern of looking forward to the unlimited potential of tomorrow.  At times of pressure and challenge hope is audacious.  At this time hope is a necessity.  For some of you things will appear to be very bad.  For others, things will appear to be full of potential for change.

This month Saturn acts as a counterweight balancing all the other planets.  Saturn is a demanding accountant and requires clarity and truth.  Each of you may encounter difficulties from this process of balancing and accounting in your personal lives as the global economy is likely to continue as a challenge leaders and individuals must cope with.   Indeed, every one of you must cope with this process and invest your energy and effort putting your shoulder to the wheel as it is said.  Eventually the economy will right itself with a nudge here and there from leaders with deep insight into the process of creating a new economy based on different values than those of the past age. 

As Saturn acts to balance, counter, and ground some energies that are imbalanced, and impractical; the Sun and Uranus join to bring genius level solutions and creative expressions through.  This energy structure may be difficult to cope with emotionally, but it ensures the changes needed in your world! 

As a result, through the middle of March there will be situations (personal and political) where the adrenaline may flow or shouting matches may give way to something more physical!  Global politics are an area of tremendous concern.  The result of these energies will be a potential for increased conflict or warfare in your world, or for realizations that a new kind of foreign policy must be created!   Some leaders may grab for power and big changes are in the making at the global level.

Toward the Solstice the energy of divine grace returns, pressure is released, and joy comes as the seasons change.  The great wheel of time will turn slightly bringing the light of joy and manifestation into the Aquarian Age.  The Winter of Discontent passes as the Spring of New Beginnings offers the opportunities to act on the insights and creative solutions that have been present all month!

These energies will provide those who are aware of the methods of working with light and inner power the impetus to examine their hopes and to begin to mold them into a new version of reality.   My Child of Light, what you focus on and imagine is the foundation of your experience of the world.  Shift your focus toward your hopes.  As a result your dreams will come true though this year and next.  

My Beloved Ones, believe in your creativity, nothing new can manifest in the world without it!  Remember, the path to light, is manifested as a result of your genius and creativity, you have free agency in all areas!  I am the Metatron.