Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

June 2015

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:   Communication, community, siblings, culmination, rewards, gratitude, compassion, generosity, and JOY.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins congratulations are in order.  The movement of the celestial bodies manifests a Grand Trine – this brings healing.  The energy is gentle and subtle.  This is a good time to seek a Spiritual Mentor. 

At this time the world is weary and ready for new circumstances.  The themes for the future are selfless service, assertiveness, planning, and creativity.  Envision crowds gathered to listen to the wisdom on just one man!   

On the 7th Mercury joins Saturn and Pluto in Retrograde motion.  This will be a time of communication and travel challenges.   Your thought process can be muddy at time.  Your current set of beliefs may cause you to experience challenges.   Use your intuition to resolve issues and surmount challenges.  Complete projects and repair your possessions during this time. 

On the 9th the Divine quality of charity begins to flow.   

Beginning with the Full Moon on June 12th I advise you to reflect on your Spiritual progress.  Meditate on religion, your philosophy for life, your current educational status, and foreign travel. If your life doesn’t seem to be expansive or exciting you will be bored to tears.  It may be time to seek adventure or find your Spiritual path.

June 24th and 25th are filled with volatile energy.  There is danger and it is wise to pay attention to your personal safety and security. 

The New Moon on the 27th aligned with Saturn will be supportive.  Enjoy your family, consider your security and express your love through nurturing action.  Spiritual progress can be made over the next two weeks.  Be aware and live life to the fullest! 

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  June will review, reset, and then catalyze the spectacular flow of energy manifested by the Grand Cross alignment.  This is fortunate and will generate new beginnings for all.    You may experience “significant” events shared by your community, but these events will bring out the best that each has to offer.  Beloved ones, choose your joy and consider the healing and evolution of all!  I am the Metatron.