Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

June 2013

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are:  evolution, energy, frequency, vibration, and miracles.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   This month marks the forward movement of the wheel of time.  A new beginning is underway.  It is time to focus, for your greater life purpose and personal mission will be revealed.  You are being activated.  The path to emotional, intellectual, creative, and spiritual liberation will open through the new light that has grounded on Earth.  The Gates of Ascension and Resurrection are open to those who are ready.    

As June begins congratulations are in order even if you are not aware of the tremendous progress that has manifested.   The reason for this lack of clarity is due to Neptune’s energy diffusing the energy as well as reality.  It will seem as if you experience the world and life through a cloud of illusion.  The more quickly you shed illusions and delusions the more quickly the Divine process will be revealed.   The 12:12:12 and 13:13:13 Gateways have been successfully negotiated.

New beginnings are in store as the positive energy flowing to the physical world will bring a surge of Spiritual awareness and unlimited opportunities for personal and interpersonal healing.  Prepare yourself for the manifestation of your hopes and dreams, and know that you will thrive in the new world that is being created by the energetic flow. 

Through June the energy blends, opening many of you to “love at first sight.”  The energy that sponsors new love is not stable and issues will manifest as quickly as you recognize the attraction.  Communicate, make your message as clear as possible and connect with as many people as you can reach.  The flow will take care of the rest!    

Financial windfalls will be offset by increased expenses.  It is critical that you manage your financial resources carefully through the next 3 month cycle.  Money is energy, and as you seek balance between income and outflow in money – you will balance aspects of your emotions and intellect manifesting balance and stability in your life.  Surprising personal changes will be good but they require the courage to step forward and embrace change.  You may expect enormous progress in your spiritual development through the first 16 days of June.  You may gain a great deal, but you must also make commitments and accept the long term responsibilities progress brings.     

The New Moon on the 8th will bring communication, public bickering, and tremendous media attention to the process of politics.   Expect the media to be a part of the problem and transportation issues will move into the greater awareness.  The more you talk about problems, the more energy you will expend, and you will give power to your problems.  Let it go and instead focus on all that is new. 

 Saturn reveals secrets and many scandals may manifest in public life.  In private life others will be eager to share your secrets.  Know that whatever is hidden will be revealed.  This energy brings the obligations of maturity into your life.  It demands that you value integrity as you honor your emotional reality.   This flow will empower you to consolidate your successes and financial progress.  An attitude of benevolence and inspiration promise evolution for everyone.  Avoid arrogance and remember there is much more to success than “winning”.

Beloved ones, the universe will grant success to those who believe in themselves and step forward.    Innovation and technological developments offer solutions.  These areas hold enormous potential for all humankind.

Mid month manifests an opportunity to heal at the deepest levels of your being.  It also brings in the flow of “winning” and many will manifest great victories in life as a result of the energetic stimulation offered by these alignments.  Set temptations aside and stick to activities you know to be appropriate. 

In some way each of you are beginning a personal adjustment cycle.    Many of these adjustments will require a greater level of forgiveness and love.  As you heal your own issues I ask you to consider those who are in need and those who live in oppressive conditions.  Your leaders are beginning to understand the urgent need for solutions to global problems.  They are beginning to find the necessary resources and assume responsibility for unique solutions to these conditions.  At this time, suffering cannot be allowed to continue!   You may feel a calling to serve and step forward offering your resources to create change in the world.    Beloved ones take responsibility for the good of the whole and get involved.  You may find that you hold a necessary “key” to the next step for humankind.    This may also unlock your 5th dimensional consciousness and that is the beginning of  your “personal” ascension. 

Compromise is a fine art and offers solutions to everyday, interpersonal problems as well as social problems within the greater community you are a part of.  Shift your focus from petty concerns in order to focus on something greater than yourself and every one of you will learn to work as a team to achieve the next step. 

At the Full Moon on the 23rd the energy shifts, placing long term focus on the well being of the family.  Whatever represents home will soon become a large priority in life.   This energetic progression will bring progress toward eliminating hunger.  Production, preservation, and distribution of food through technology will be the focus over the next year.  Food prices are likely to fall and good food will be more available to those in need.  The lowest aspects of the mass conscious are being revealed in order to be healed.  Scandals, issues of public support for the poor, and welfare spending for nutrition programs will gain hold in the public awareness.    Rumors of war, deception over money, global pandemic, and heightened potential for chemical attack are of concern.  Be aware!    Political challenges and sudden changes in leadership may result from the shift in energetic alignments.  Resignations, assassinations, and surprise decisions in politics will transform the world political environment. 

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  The energetic shift brings everyone to attention as marital and family relationships are highlighted.   You cannot be one with the Divine until you have learned to be as one with your spouse.  A variety of significant events shared by the community will test your level of oneness.  Be prepared for natural disasters.  Beloved ones, choose your joy and consider the greater good for all!  I am the Metatron.