Archangel Metatron

June 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are foundation, nurturing, scattered energies, obstructions, stimulation, investment, home, real estate, romance, relationships.

The gentle winds of joy, the warmth of the season, and the light of midsummer greet you with joy.  Forward momentum is restored!  June is traditionally the month for weddings and the energy stimulating involvement with others is high.  The energy signature turns your thoughts toward traditional thoughts of romantic love and lifetime commitments.  Whether it is a romantic relationship, the love you feel for children, your commitment and connection to a life partner, or the love that binds an extended family, you are stimulated to express both intensity and focus.   

The energy also supports special creative projects that will engage your heart.  The work you love will activate your creative passion.  You can make progress as you direct yourself toward high achievements in the arts, business, or literature.  The path of excellence is a theme for everyone, and if you can bring forth the best that is in you, the world as a whole will sing praise for your dedication! Your positive energy is directed toward expression and manifestation.   Know beyond question, the Universe is coaching you to pursue the dreams that live in your heart. 

Healing energies continue to flow into the world as a whole and into individual lives.  The lights offer you the potential to heal deep seated limitations and pain manifesting a surge of forward momentum in your Spiritual evolution.   You may manifest unexpected progress toward long term prosperity and dramatic progress toward fulfilling your goals for education and your career.  

Ask yourself who you may help and what you may offer in terms of service and support  that is in their greatest good?  The energies supporting ultruism are high and you may find that you have the right touch as you offer advice, render service freely, and lend support to the many individuals who are suffering in your world.  We the Hierarchy of Light cannot evolve and ascend a population locked into suffering.  The lights and energetic configuration defines this as the time of light and it begins a time dedicated to clear and release the suffering of humankind

Beloved ones of light define what you really want to experience.  At this time many feel a deep psychological need to manifest a firm, practical foundation within your lives.  This approach will allow you to manage the few obstructions that manifest and work with somewhat giddy energies, as joy and happiness shake you up.  The energy intensity may result in mental stimulation that makes you feel there is always more information to be evaluated before making a decision.  Scattered energies alternate with focused energies throughout this month and may offer you a roller coaster in terms of motivation and advancement. 

A new outlook, fresh perspectives, and healing influences bring you a mental and emotional reset as you prepare for the endings and new beginnings brought about by the eclipse cycle in July.    The new moon of the 22nd and 23rd opens a power cycle.  The qualities you wish for should be written down in you are serious about your capacity to manifest.  This new moon opens a process of natural unfoldment in your creative gifts.  Your home or apartment, real estate holdings, family security, and personal belongings are benefitted by the energy.    

Saturn the cosmic bookkeeper is taking names and settling accounts to create energy balance.  At this time, avoid financial speculation.  The current energy configuration supports serious, long term imvestment for personal security and stability.  An emotional uncertainty and the sense that everything is out of control has created a cautious mood.  Honor it.  As a result of changed expectations there will be fewer financial crises and more hope in your world.

In your global politics there will be some rattling of sabers.  As domestic problems begin to resolve, the background noise of political clashes and terrorists threatening will once again take a focal point.  Attempts to control any economic threat  and create domestic safety through a political stance of protectionism or trade  barriers will help to weather the crisis in the short term future.  Long term solutions must include food programs, economic development for countries that have less in exchange for greater transparency of their intentions toward peace.

Beloved ones, seek your joy, but also consider the greater good and collective joy.   Those who have much are required to give in equal exchange.  Lessons of generosity and acceptance will be presented in the future.  Remember, the path “home” progresses according to the lessons you have learned, and in a sense is the reward for tasks accomplished.  Choose to view the outcome of your choices positively and the path of joy will open for you, leading you to the home of the true heart!  I am the Metatron.