Archangel Metatron

July 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are  Intensity, Humor, Fresh Start, Planning, Reward, Financial Gain, Cherish, Stability, Foundations, Blessings, Pure Joy, Freedom, Insight, Revelation, Wisdom,

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   July brings you from crisis to confidence in a few short weeks.  A lifetime of experience may be packed into this single month.  My Beloved one, prepare to live as you have never lived before!   

As the month of July begins the energy of the eclipse cycle is building in intensity.  Beloved ones, two eclipses during July bring attention to personal matters as your hopes, wishes, and joys are intensely highlighted.  As July begins, your decisions will bring unexpected results.  Set aside decisions until the second week of July.  Begin to become aware that selfless giving will succeed.   Efforts you invest toward manifesting changes in your life circumstances may seem to encounter obstacles.   Ego based pursuits will bring pain.  The energy peaks of midmonth may bring encouragement to traders and investors.  Be aware that these peaks may fall apart before profits can be realized! 

The energy of expansion and concepts of social responsibility are flowing well together throughout July.  Many nations will begin new social programs with ambitious spending to support the needs of the many.  At a personal level, this energy may open you to unwise investments and buying into schemes that are too good to be true.  Any kind of advertising and promotion will be persuasive and highly successful as creativity is at a high point. 

Look within for inspiration about how to maintain balance and regain order as changes come into your personal circumstances and the environment.  Contention and conflict from misunderstandings are energies each of you will learn from.  Accept your lessons with grace and humility for this month brings everyone an opportunity to master the fine art of apologizing. 

A lunar eclipse on July 7th opens a potential time of peace for individuals as well as nations.  This provides a reset and release of the feminine energies allowing them to smooth over rough edges and soothe fears and illusions.  The divine feminine is a source of wordless wisdom and the new beginning provided by this eclipse releases wisdom and understanding in abundance.  This energy directs you inward and opens a period of 7 weeks of introspection and spiritual evolution. 

Global political and economic conditions are redirected by this eclipse.  Each of you must remember that new policies will require payment, persistence, and a true spirit of service to be demonstrated by your leaders as the masculine Solar Eclipse begins the process of manifestation in two weeks.  Mid July brings romance, good timing and potential for differences to be resolved.  Innovative solutions and opportunities come from the frustrations early July brings you. 

The Solar Eclipse of July 21st brings forth manifestation from January’s eclipse.  It floods the atmosphere with fresh energy and gives each of you the capacity to nurture yourself and others in order to soothe anxiety.   Be aware that it also impacts national finances in such a way that it may well result in another economic crisis.  The path of darkness marked by the eclipse runs from the South Pacific, through China, to terminate in Mumbai India.  Disputes between world superpowers over trade and currency values are my prediction, for this energy shift indicates many changes in global economies over the next 6 months.  This eclipse signals the process of creating a new definition of wealth.  Over the next six months it may redirect the use of assets at national levels as this energy will begin to redefine United States Foreign Aid Policies.   

The energy throughout July offers the opportunity to peacefully resolve differences between three governments; China, Japan, and the USA.  These resolutions will not be permanent, but they do represent a beginning toward a new economic foundation that will manifest at the end of this cycle in 2010.  Changes begun now will manifest to redirect and refine established international judicial practices.  I remind you, the divine purpose directing this energy is to teach humankind to work together, to take care of each other, and to let go of competition and aggression. 

For each of you, July will bring emotions of emotional vulnerability.  You will regret any decisions made that are based on purely emotional influences.  Let the emotion surface and observe yourself.  For a few, this month provides happiness and accentuates your idealism.  For the young ones and elderly, this month has brought stressful energies and many of you could benefit from a health evaluation. 

As July ends all humankind begins to prepare for another Lunar eclipse early in August.  Enjoy the season of light and put off decisions until the second week of August.   At that time many things will appear to be different, motivating you to take responsibility and step forward on new paths of action  

July ends on a harmonious note.   Never forget to seek joy in every choice you make.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and that what you want and need is similar to what the person next to you wants and needs. Learn to acknowledge your personal needs and interests, but consider their impact on the collective good and you will begin to ascend - one choice at a time!  Beloved ones, in July you may learn to lean back and observe, perhaps to master the secrets of change through joy.   I am the Metatron.