Archangel Metatron

July 2008 - The warmth of summer light and blessings of the deities are yours this month as all blocks are released and forward momentum in your life is restored. This month brings you manifestation and creativity galore. Your personal relationships and business relationships will flourish. The abundance you have worked for is on the way. If you have not earned the rewards this month offers, it will foster a new beginning as your creative capacities and ideas are activated and amplified. Begin to work on knowing your dreams and manifesting those dreams.

July is a month to find your soul mate, to connect with the physical mate you are destined for. It is a month to renew the love and spiritual connection with the mate you have in your life. The aspects this month support resolving and healing self esteem issues, for only when you love yourself can you love another fully!

Only one warning is given for this month. The union of the God of force and the God of Limitation bring potential accidents and sudden, severe health crises. There is great potential for three natural disasters in the form of storms and earthquakes. Pressure and tension have built within the earth and the coming conjunction added to the buildup of light may release this pressure in the form of natural disasters. The areas of concern are Northern Asia and the North Pacific including Japan, the Western and Southern United States into the Caribbean basin, and the Islands of the Mediterranean. This energy resolves itself naturally by midmonth. Until then, use caution and prudence and all will be well. You will be guided away from areas of potential for upheaval.

This is month your dreams will be prophetic, your love will be true, and your healing will be complete. This is a month of preparation for the Infinity Gate to complete on August 8, 2008. The infinity gate will manifest balance, abundance, connection, and joy into the physical world. The benefit each of you will receive from this gate depends on how much resistance you have to the positive qualities of energy. Clear and release during July’s supportive climate—you will be prepared for the Light to come.

The Blessings of Light are upon you. Be the LIGHT