Archangel Metatron

January 2012

Chinese translation by Daphnie and Asta

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are vibration, frequency, consciousness, inspiration, prosperity, education, pause, beloved, and strength.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the flow of light will open, activating the higher octaves of energy.  Consider an energetic set up with a ceiling or “veil” that limits potential for one to reach the highest levels of vibration and energy.  During this month that ceiling will be removed.  As this change occurs many of you will process through themes of independence and freedom versus control and domination.  Others will work toward positive self esteem, defining this through selflessness and manifestations of ego until balance is achieved.   The energies of disciple versus resistance will break up old patterns for all of you.  Beloved ones, January brings lessons but they do not have to be harsh or destructive!  Use this energy as an opportunity to make positive choices, accept 100% responsibility for your life.

Long term patterns link Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in a tight energetic configuration manifesting a renaissance in the world.  These aspects relate to energetic cycles present 360 and 720 years ago uniting old ways and modern times.  They bring flowing energy, inspiration, and sustenance through spiritual sources.  As the inner planets move through their cycles each will touch these planetary spheres, activating and releasing energies. The flow offers opportunities and positive synergy in your relationships.    In the best of circumstances vision and inspiration will be yours.  Under pressure or faced with challenges the worst you will face is instability or lack of direction and frustration from what seems to be inability to take action.

The energies of the full moon on the 9th may manifest delays in financial flow.  The energies support communication, marketing, and education.  At global levels national financial crises and “defaults” may manifest.  As the month begins there is a tendency to speak out of turn or to say things that make impact your personal situation in a negative way.  Mid-month reveals your leadership qualities although these may manifest through situations of intense pressure. 

In terms of making changes in your life or goals my advice is that January is a month to wait, plan, and discipline yourself to maintain the status quo.  Some will be compelled to be self destructive; others will fail to take responsibility, relying on luck, hoping for a miracle.  Others will find they are moving from one crisis situation to another. 

Dates that may manifest personal crises or earth changes will be 1st, 13th, or the 19th.  Very intense energetic aspects found from the 22nd- 23rd may result in earth changes, storms, a national/global economic crisis, or an outbreak of war. 

From the 9th to the 16th aspects between Venus, Saturn, and Neptune will bring an intense longing to find your true mate.  Midmonth aspects offer success in love through online dating.  Your words will be unusually powerful, telepathic, bringing clear images to the minds of others.  The energies may lead toward serious emotional situations and instant commitment.  For some there will be a tendency to withdraw or reject proposals as an “opt out” may seem to be the best route.  Reconciliations and a renewal of love within existing relationships are possible on the 13th.  You gain insights and flashes of  perception.  Your heart will open to the divine plan.  Your ability to understand your beloved one will bring balance and equality to troubled relationships. On the 14th the flow may manifest a state of bliss and a deepening of spiritual love for all! 

These energies may stimulate some creatively; others will have difficulty in perceiving the world clearly.   Artists will be well supported by the renaissance energies flowing, supporting them in their creative endeavors.  

The energies of the new moon on the 23rd will bring confusion and uncertainty about the correct course of action.  This is a good time to conserve energy and capital.  Avoid risks, and think twice before you take action.  This is also a good time to unburden yourself by donate clothing and other items you are no longer using. 

In terms of global politics the energetic flow between the 13th and the 23rd may result in a voluntary withdrawal by a public official.  The events triggered by this energy flow will come as a surprise to everyone.  Impeachment, no confidence votes, or voluntary transfers of power may make global headlines and impact global political systems to the degree that war may manifest.

From January 23rd onward you will move into a stressful energetic time.  Many of you will feel physically and emotionally exhausted or be overwhelmed by apathy.  If possible, take a few days off during this time frame and allow the energetic “storm” to pass without making major life changes or decisions.  Use these influences to learn to control your anger, think before you speak, and manifest self discipline.  Seek silence from within and inner peace will begin to rule your life.

From the 19th onward begin making mental and emotional preparations for the energetic gate opening on 02/12/2012.  The coding of 2/12 2/12 manifests expansion, spiritual awareness, and the coding to establish the divine family.  A new vision of deity will result from this opening.   This gateway will remain open through 3/22/2012 and will manifest tremendous changes prophesied for 2012 in the world and your personal community.   Some changes will be subtle; others will be overwhelming in their intensity.  Either way humankind will be supported in moving beyond fear, releasing the lowest of vibrations, and propelled into a higher level of evolution.

The gateway coincides with aspects that provide enormous energetic stimulation at the world point.  This energy flow will continue throughout 2012.  It may bring tragedy to some families and communities, as this stimulates the darkest regions of the earth and human consciousness.  Aspects of the world that have been hidden from the light and violate divine/ universal laws will be revealed, perhaps gaining healing from the beneficence of the light.  Issues of enslavement through addiction and the predation of human trafficking will be brought to public attention.   Other changes will focus on the methods used in education. Beloved ones, ignorance is the greatest of evils.  This energy will open the darkest recesses of your consciousness revealing your ignorance in one or another area!  The foundations of knowledge within your consciousness and within society will evolve and thrive in the light stimulating humankind toward a more interdependent, globally aware form of consciousness. 

The aspects of society and personal lives that bring limitation (poverty, crime, addiction, debt) will be revealed and solutions will thereby begin to evolve.  Expect more sexual scandals, assaults on the family, and issues focusing on mothering, family, and children to come to light in the headlines.  This offers an opportunity to evaluate personal and cultural values, thereby creating moral and ethic change.  I implore each of you to consider getting involved in your community effecting positive change.  Focus on ways to manifest your higher self rather than the lower self.  

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  January offers the opportunity to pull back from the busyness of the world and access deep reservoirs of spiritual awareness finding your true purpose.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy! Cherish your loved ones, dedicate yourself to your family, and seek the next octave of light.  I am the Metatron.