Archangel Metatron

January 2011

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are  evolution, miracles, light, political strife, children, food, joy, integration, gifts, health, water

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the energy  supporting an uplifting era of reform and renewal begins.   The energetic flow will manifest a lovely beginning to this year of beginnings and opportunity.  

The New Year opens with a partial Solar eclipse.  This sets the energy for an age of positive reform rapidly transforming the 2010 process of ending and destruction.    This stellar event will direct the energy providing the impetus to make changes in the direction of your life.   With the New Year awareness rises and any decision you make has a greater overall impact.   Any changes you make during January should be put off until the 19th.    These changes must be made from choice, not as a result of pressure from others or outside forces pushing you in one direction or another. 

Remember that as a result of the newly dawning light polarization is amplified.   During this particularly sensitive time, work to build substance in your character and creations.  The heavens advise you to pay attention to your dreams and ideas.  Writing projects will be fruitful as well as offering you insight.  Your workload will increase and assignments and projects will take longer, plan your schedule accordingly.  Understand that rewards and recognition will arrive with the Spring Equinox. 

Many of you may experience these energies as competitive and challenging.  As a result some may choose to close businesses or leave your field of work.   My guidance is to make any endings a positive, graceful exit.   

Your true challenge will be to learn to make your voice clearly heard above the noise of daily life and the dissonance of conflict.  Remember that the moon cycles are intense through January and personal ambition soars.   At this time, express your inner will and be prepared to follow through with right action keeping your focus on the highest good for all concerned.

In the political arena expect dramatic announcements and news releases.  Those who handle money will be more prone to mistakes so evaluate your accounts, financial statements, and tax documents carefully.

In January a new cycle of growth begins and you may integrate the experiences, successes, and rewards you have manifested over the past 12 years.   Refine your natural strengths, see to your spiritual needs, and avoid those who do not respect you.  Work on your own behalf remembering to set limits on how much time, effort, and energy you give to projects and the concerns of others. 

On the world scene Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, England, Russia, and France are highlighted.   Iran and Israel begin a political process that will culminate in April 2011.  Whether it will result in peace or war will be determined by the global mass consciousness.    If this situation moves toward armed conflict, the global community will be involved within a short time due to the energetic stimulation of the world point.    This political situation will remain an area of grave concern through the end of 2011.

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  I am the Metatron.