Archangel Metatron

January 2009

Beloved ones, Happy New Year.   The keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are  Sensitivity, Dreams, Goals, Structure, Analysis, Service to Others, Altruism, Unconventionality, Egotism, Challenge, Global Conflict, Earth Changes, Political Issues, Creativity, Divine Love, Universal Love, and Genius.

The most important energetic event this month is the January 26th Eclipse.  This begins a new cycle for some and completes a cycle for others.  It is very significant because it is the “Sign in the Heavens” marking the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. 

The symbology of Aquarius is a human figure carrying buckets of water.  This speaks to each of you at the subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious levels to awaken you to your service to the family of man!   Know beyond question that if you are reading this message you are called to serve as a Water Bearer for humankind.  What this means is that you are one of those highly evolved spirits coded to quench the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual thirst of humankind.  You are here to assist and direct the flow of energy that will manifest the presence the Age of the Dove. 

This flow of energy is like a river and the energies of peace, oneness within the human family, and abundance for all will flow upon it.  The energy released through this Eclipse will transform all!    

Transformation is pure alchemy, and although it is never easy, it is worth it!   January’s theme is building, analyzing, careful planning, discipline and structure.  You have more freedom in thought and action this month.  You have entered into a powerful time that begins the process of building a new world and each of you will be empowered to achieve more than you thought possible.  This month you may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish and manifest. 

The heavens are asking more of you – to give more, to create more, to manifest more.  You are asked to love more deeply, and to care about others passionately.  Can you meet this demand? If you give more, the result you will experience is assured.  The gifts that will be given in return as your ‘heavenly exchange’ will be truly divine and astounding in terms of the abundance that will be brought to you.    To better support you, you have more freedom and heightened creativity.   

Beloved ones, through the energy that dawns this month, a new social value system is being developed.  Over time, you will shift your way of thinking and believing.   It is time to shift your belief about what you need to be happy.  The financial outlook is asking you to simplify your lives and be careful with spending.   You are being asked to discipline yourselves and recognize that “less can be more”. 

It has always been said that money cannot buy happiness, and this is true.  However, we would like to support your efforts to manifest what you NEED.  The key to dealing with financial difficulties many are having is to remember that the Universe will reward those who contribute physically and energetically.  Currently the Universe is working to balance the energy of “money” and a redistribution of wealth is underway.  You may be a beneficiary of this redistribution IF you step forward and GIVE.  The energy you give in terms of your work, creativity, and leadership will draw to you a flow of abundance.

Innovation, new technology, and tremendous flashes of insight and awareness are the meaning of this month’s spectacular star alignment.  Each of you will have greater creative vision that may take your studies or career to a higher level through January.   It is time for you to prepare for, envision, and manifest new technology.  The year ahead will bring more efficient electronic devices and tools. 

This energy will begin to manifest changes in education, utilizing new technologies that are developing based on breakthroughs in understanding of how a human being “learns”.  New methods of learning about our own gifts are possible during this time. 

This time represents a coming together of cycles.  This energy will have far reaching effects and as a result life may not be comfy and cozy, but the opportunities that are available to you will make the experience worth it!   Toward the end of the month the sequence of energetic aspects will highlight male/ female interactions and this may be a time of stress for women.  Use patience, caring, and compassion to support those who are going through a great deal at this time. 

You will experience “Mercury retrograde energy” at mid-month.  This will call you to plan, evaluate, catch up, and perhaps make repairs.  This retrograde will not be of tremendous negative impact.  It gives you a note of harmonious practicality and will motivate you to finish everything you have started and thereby accomplish more. 

Oppositional energies you should be aware of are competitiveness versus sharing, expansiveness versus frugality, liberality versus conservatism.  The mental climate encourages everyone and can lead you to think about solutions from a larger, global perspective. 

Your emotions will be clearer, more defined, and less muddled.  These emotions will be responses to present time experiences and situations rather than the past.

The situation for global politics remains very difficult.  The energy from the 20th to the end of the month may manifest territorial disputes, economic competition, and some may simply be oppositional for no reason.  The potential for terrorism remains high as the energy from last month continues and increases the possibility for events that change history! 

This is part of the energetic shift to a communal world.  Jupiter in Aquarius is the energy of the RULE breaker, and this will be a year of major upheavals, shifts, and changes in terms of world politics.  Eventually this will break down the barriers of nationality and racism as well as prejudice.  The energy alignments are asking everyone to demand that your leaders step up to their responsibility and do what is right.  Any conflict that occurs offers an opportunity to heal human society!

Beloved ones, I am Metatron and the sequence of aspects this month are based on the divine plan of the highly efficient cosmic machine I call the Creator.   You stand on the threshold of a new world, with a new economy, new educational system, and a new social value system. 

Now you have the dream, and it is time to build that dream in the physical world.