Archangel Metatron

February 2012

Chinese translation by Asta and Navneet

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are beauty, grace, hope, fulfillment, evolution, enlightenment, acceptance, allowing, love, surrender, and trust.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the energy flow is vivid.  The light reveals and releases – offering truth, new beginnings, and the next step in evolution.  February manifests energies that will stimulate genius,  “good luck” in your financial standing, and progress in your worldly ambitions. 

A Galactic Gateway opens on February 12th, it will remain open until March 22nd.  During the time of energy flow the blessings of oneness with the all will begin to manifest subtle changes.  The process of this gate is twofold.  First, vision and insight about your future probabilities will support you with clarity about what could be if you make changes!  Second, release any limits!   Globally, this energy will manifest new technology, and new political and religious structures.  Humankind begins the process of creating a new world.   A new economy is in the process of being created.  Brilliant but practical solutions arrive.  Expect breakthroughs in health care, social program reforms, and energy production.   The culmination of these changes will manifest from mid April to late July. 

As February begins you will feel strong, powerful, and confident in spite of the harsh energies amplifying the “noise” in your life and the world around you.  Personal and business discussions reveal deep seated incompatibilities and disagreements will be heated. Take your time and manage your emotions.   You will succeed!  

At the full moon on the 7th you must set aside expectations and prepare yourself by establishing a flexible attitude.  Communications and travel will be areas of concern, accidents are likely.  In business, put things in writing and double check travel arrangements.  

In your personal life harmony manifests.  You balance fantasies of the “ideal” with the reality of your relationships and satisfaction arrives.   Seek deep, open discussions.  Work to establish common values, ideals, and worldly goals. The state of oneness will begin with your beloved! 

Saturn in retrograde motion through June may bring increased responsibilities even as it hints at future rewards.  Persevere, follow through, and plan your time well.  Double check accounting and get a second opinion on taxes, legalities, and health care matters.   Satisfaction and self assurance will be two intangible rewards these actions will manifest.  The physical rewards will be more substantial.  This energy ensures your personal relationships thrive, manifesting resolution and compromise.  

Midmonth brings passion, romance, and excitement.  The inner realms reveal your creative imagination.  I counsel each of you to reach for the genius within!  Choose to express the highest good that is within you.  At this time be prepared for emergencies.  Expect storms with potential for flooding, and great surges of water.

The full moon on the 21st manifests alignments and conjunctions bringing spiritual evolution.  There will be breakthroughs in health care and healing technology, and a greater emphasis on the sanctity of family life.  Vision and foresight may come to you, creative inspiration flows, and issues about the safety of women and children will make the headlines in one way or another.  It may seem that you know exactly what other people want, allowing you to increase business sales. 

Globally the presence of one who demonstrates the “Great Earth Mother” Archetype will begin to transform your cultures and political systems.  She may emerge as a spiritual or religious leader trained in the Eastern traditions.  Her words will bring hope to those who despair. 

A moon wobble will be experienced as emotional energy from the 21st to the 3rd of March.  The 22nd may bring Earth Changes. 

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  The events manifesting in your lives will teach you to temper your emotions, respond with compassion, and guide others with kindness rather than control.  Choose the constructive path and joy will be your personal reward.  I am the Metatron.