Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

December 2013

Beloved ones, the keywords I give for your meditation and contemplation throughout this  month are: Building, Selling, Inheritance, Permanence, Transition, Rapid,

Welcome to December, and a month of culminations.   You are all preparing for new beginnings next year.   Through December the energy is loud, boisterous, and very focused.   Expect your life to be shaken and for changes to manifest suddenly.    During December the ritual of “political transfers of power” handing down” or transitions of leadership will occur.  Some will be expected, others will bring surprises!  Some will be in the greater world of politics at the international/national levels.  Others will be within smaller political organizations.   The first part of the month will be orderly and good manners will be in evidence.  The last part of the month will be less civilized.   Whether it is the government, religious organizations, office politics, or family dynamics your best choice will be to stay out of it.  This is a time when all changes that have been in progress will manifest – loudly with dramatic energy.  Birth is seldom orderly, clean, and quiet.  Think of this process as a birth and you will be prepared.  

A Grand Trine activating the Water Signs has been present for the past months.  As the aspect approaches exact alignment in December its energy and purpose will be triggered.  This will bring tremendous opportunities in the material world.  It will support your emotional connections, and it will open your Spiritual gifts.    With the Winter Solstice you will be reminded that everything in existence requires opposition.  Water absorbs air, extinguishes fire, and moves earth.  Storms will bring great winds and large quantities of rain and snow. You may expect sinkholes, flooding, earthquakes and the movement of magma resulting in volcanic activity.   Earth and Fire elemental aspects are triggered at this time.  You may expect violence and accidents.  Europe may be the physical location for this energy release.   There is a strong possibility for an escalation in an existing war and great probability for a new war to begin.   Expect continuing conflict over government policies and the economy.   The energy highlights China and the United States.   It also aspects the charts of Japan and China.    

The New Moon on the 2nd falls on a degree of Mastery.  Each of you beloved ones have the opportunity to develop your Spiritual Gifts at this time.   In some aspect you will experience blossoming in your life.

The Full Moon on the 17th begins the cycle of crisis energy. 

The time of change has arrived and it represents an enormous leap forward for Humankind.    Beloved ones, this season represents a time to celebrate your new beginning and congratulate yourselves for your evolutionary progress.  Understand that the cycle of change cannot be slowed, it must progress.  What has begun must be completed.  Choose to work with the change, embracing new experiences, opportunities, and making the choices that will bring you joy!  Avoid fear and allow the storms, earth changes, and political dramas to unfold.  Remain in the observer state and remember that everything is in Divine timing. 

You must consciously choose how you will direct this energy in the months ahead.  The process of creation and manifestation of a new world begins now!   As you work with choices remember this thought, “You did not create this event or circumstance, rather - you are agreeing to it!”  Ask yourself what you “agree” to experience and follow through with actions that are in congruence.  Remain grounded.

Seek your joy.  Hope and Faith are the rewards of managing this energy.  All you have is this moment.  Choose to make each of these wonderful and prosperous!  Beloved Children of Light, know that hope requires change.  Allow yourself to flow with these and you will open all potentials and probabilities.   I am the Metatron.