Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

December 2012

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are :  Dynamic, Frustration, Opportunities, Divine Love, Alignment, and Inspiration

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins the new order of the ages is revealed.   The dispensation of the Age of Light begins.  The cycle opens on 12/3/12 during the Rising of the Phoenix Gateway.  As the 12/12/12 gateway opens The Phoenix will fly.  Freed from limitation it manifests dis-creation and re-creation in the blink of an eye.   Allow yourself to fly free, extricate yourself from bondage and limitation. 

The astral power grid is fired up and operating at full flow.  The stars are the timing device ensuring there is a season to every purpose.   On December 3 the Sun converges with Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.  This completes the cycle of Harmonic Convergence which began in August of 1987. 

This alignment in the sky will reflect Egypt’s Giza, and the energy will consolidate over the Khafre pyramids.  This alignment is exact at 00:11 minutes GMT or 7:11 pm Sunday December 2nd on the East Coast of the United States.  It happens once in 2737 years.  There will be similar alignments, but none will manifest the same energy or align in the same way for over 28,000 years.   

Other alignments will follow during December’s reset of the cosmic flow.  Expect to experience an expansive energetic flow.   The alignment of Sirius, Full Moon, and Jupiter as well as Jupiter, Earth, Moon, and Sun will bring many energetic changes into your world. 

The Earth’s Merkabah (light body) will be activated.  It will open the heart of the earth to the light!  My wish is that each of you also experiences the opening of your heart to the light!

The Sagittarius New Moon is on the 13th.  The positive flow of energy continues and the aspects manifest the energy associated with a desire to find one to love and become as one.  Marriages planned for this time will be successful, new relationships seem to have instant rapport, and bonding is facilitated. 

In business you may expect to hear about mergers and acquisitions.  Each of these will bring beneficial financial outcomes.  In government and politics you may expect powerful coalitions to be established.  An outbreak of war may be the result of this flow.

All About the DATE 12.21.12:   The solstice occurs on Dec 21 at 6:12 am.  The energy is harried, hurried, and many will feel irritable, nervous, and overly sensitive.  Expect changes in plans, quick trips, and unexpected visitors.  Events that take place around New York will reverberate during the year to come.  The energy localizes, focusing on self image and empowerment and money!  There is likely to be public anger directed toward the banking industry and Wall Street.   I speak about this because it is critical that you be aware of the energy flow.  Rather than reacting to it you may choose to respond to it.  Redirect this energy with love, joy, and blessings of peace!

All astral energies whisper the word JOY – they are saying that the world will continue, humankind will evolve, and each of you beloved ones will continue to experience all that life has to offer - ensuring your development as individuals. 

The fear in your world results from a failure of your imagination which limits your view of reality.   Beloved ones, be fearless!

For those who are spiritual seekers this energy, this date, opens the path to transformation and transmutation.  For beginners this will begin the Inner Initiation, for those who have progressed on the path it may very well lead to your full enlightenment. 

For those who have not stepped onto the path of Spirit you may experience significant life changes after this time or …… may experience nothing.  

The Divine Hierarchies of :ight, the Lords of Light, the Archangels, the God and Goddess forms are present.  We are lending you all of our support for this transition.  The more effort you put into evolving yourself the more you will gain from the opening this date offers. All light beings will be present to assist you in this transformation.  Choose to prepare and allow the transformation to begin!

As the local Galaxy conjuncts Galactic Center of the Milky Way the Earthly World will shift, moving through the Gate at the Center of all creation.  This movement will not be noticed by most.  In spite of the subtle shift, it will move the human world into the worlds of light. 

In this new environment of light the DNA Body receives the light and transmutes even though you cannot perceive it.  The enlightenment wave is flowing and some will truly see… others who are not mentally prepared will break. 

The lost tribes of Israel return.  From the oceans they will come, from the earth itself.   The Alignments of December will release a gravitational wave that will pulse through your world, bringing the light.

The full moon December 28th brings New Year’s peace.  This energy is expansive, but also controlling.  It offers flashes of brilliant insight, pure awareness, and wisdom.  You may not be ready for what the energy brings.  Let go of rigid beliefs and outmoded ways of thinking.  Embrace the new world, new energy, and the presence within the light that has arrived!

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!   Beloved ones, the energy of divine love will permeate your world after December 2nd.  Share it, express it and all problems will be easily solved.  Unite with others and all of you will reach your goals.  Plan to gather together and celebrate with your entire being.  This is the New Year and the dawning of a new paradigm in human experience, I am the Metatron.