Archangel Metatron

December 2009

Beloved ones, the keywords I give for your meditation and contemplation throughout this  month are: Intensity, Dynamic, Dramatic, Intensity, Joy, Passion, Pride, Power, Intellect, Substance, Flow, Prosperity, Challenge, Change, Hope, and Healing.

Welcome to December, and a month of new beginnings!  This will be the first moon cycle of the newly manifested energetic era!  The time of change has arrived and it represents an enormous leap forward for Humankind.    Beloved ones, this season represents a time to celebrate your new beginning and congratulate yourselves for your evolutionary progress.  Understand that the cycle of change cannot be slowed, it must progress.  What has begun must be completed.  Choose to work with the change, embracing new experiences, opportunities, and making the choices that will bring you joy! 

As this month begins I once again advise you to be prudent with your assets and consider carefully who you choose to trust.  Care in monetary matters is required of all!  In your financial life a theme of reform and rebuilding continues.  The healing process continues in your personal lives and in the global economy.  The lesson offered to you is awareness. 

Indications continue to advise concern about the safety of the food supply and issues of public health.  New welfare or social benefit programs are required, as humankind is calling for social change and equality.  The beginning of this manifestation will progress. 
One specific opportunity that is being presented by the energetic configuration will bring new educational systems, backed by innovative techniques, and drawing upon new media technology.   

The magnetic energy flow is driving your culture toward change that will better meet the needs of the young.  Much of the energy focus in the months ahead will be directed to the children of the world.  They require your assistance and consideration and they represent the hope for a bright future.   Investing in their potential will unlock creativity and genius for the benefit of all!  

During the early part of December, your creativity soars.   Many individuals are receptive to new ideas which must precede the process of manifesting social change.  Insights into patterns and designs that have been invisible suddenly result in “ah ha” moments.  Ideas do not have to be practical, proper applications may follow in the months to come.  All progress begins with a creative insight or a very good idea.  Write your visions and insights down, for you never know what path will be revealed as these ideas lead you forward. 

 Opportunities are present, but they offer you conflicting choices. I will define these for you:  Do you choose to experience struggle and conflict, or do you choose to work toward understanding others?  Do you choose to create sound fiscal policy and budgetary goals, or do you choose to spend a windfall or bonus?  Do you choose healing or creative pursuits?  Fanaticism, cruelty, violence, and martyrdom are some potential expressions that the intensely provocative energetic configurations may manifest.  Self discipline, emotional control, discernment, and devout adherence to high minded principles and morals are other expressions.   

You must consciously choose how you will direct this energy in the months ahead.  The process of creation and manifestation of a new world begins now!   As you work with choices remember this thought, “You did not create this event or circumstance, you are agreeing to it!”  Ask yourself what you “agree” to experience and follow through with actions that are in congruence.  Remain grounded.

Remember, these influences are present in the global theme and your personal lives for over 3 months.    These are foundation energies that humankind will learn and evolve through in the times ahead.  Less significant energetic influences will come and go and those energies are generally positive and supportive.  It is important for you to recognize your emotional and intellectual triggers.  The daily influences may result in learning experiences and highlight the larger choices before you. Use your awareness, act instead of reacting.  All will be well, manifesting tremendous progress in your individual lives and in your culture.   Events will reveal the wisdom each of you have achieved.  Better times, uplifted spirits, cooperation, and joy are the theme.  

After the 20th, forward progress in life slows. For some this represents an ideal time to examine and heal issues of self esteem and resolve conflicts.  Creative introspection is a good use of this energy.  Evaluate, plan, negotiate, and consider your goals.  At this time, a competitive spirit and a yearning for adventure may lead you to make exciting changes.  Toward spring, introspection will be replaced by an inner demand to take action.  For now, imitate the pace of nature. 

December ends with a rare blue moon which is also an eclipse.  Blue moons often bring unexpected good luck.  The blue moon degree brings good humor and a positive outlook.  It will support you in keeping your perspective and quickly adapting to uncertainty.  This celestial event represents a signal from the divine that you are making progress and change is to be embraced.   A sense of urgency may accompany the blessings of this event and you will be wise to make the most of the moment.  Claim the happiness that is already yours beloved ones!  

The eclipse manifests a line of darkness from Beijing to the southern tip of India, culminating in Kenya and Nigeria.   Another chapter of the financial crisis and serious economic and diplomatic strain between China, Japan, and the United States is foreshadowed.   In time, a favorable outcome for foreign trade is probable.  Avoid severing alliances or ending relationships. 

Seek your joy.  Hope and Faith are the lessons this month will teach.  December’s energy brings the strongest planetary alignments since July.  The past is gone; the future is not yet a reality.   All you have is this moment,  make it a wonderful and prosperous!  Beloved Children of Light, know that the hope of change opens all potentials and probabilities.   I am the Metatron