Archangel Metatron

December 2008

The keywords for this month are Challenge, Illusions and Delusions, Strength, and Power.   December begins the period of time I call the Age of the Dove.  This time will eventually culminate in a higher world, one of peace and plenty.   The energy of the Dove begins the process of the “Sanctification of the Earth” which will designate the Earth as a physical Temple of Divinity.  In turn, each human capable of resonating with that vibration of light will find their bodies being sanctified.  Each of you may become the temple of light in time as a result of the energy cycle now beginning. 

December’s Energy brings a chain of events that will manifest change: 

The energy early in the month is a process of tearing down in order to build up.  This month will teach you about your personal power and strength.  Many of you will surprise yourselves with what you have accomplished by the end of December. 

Beloved ones, make Choices from the foundation of your values and cherished beliefs.  “What are your dreams, What are your Fears? What is your truth?”   Answer these questions and live according to that truth.

This month closes one year and opens a new year that may be frightening as changes in your economy, politics, leadership, and technology will come rapidly; or it may be a Grand Adventure.  Everything is determined by your attitude and choice.  Ask yourself, “Is your cup half full or half empty?” 

The energy through the first week creates a fragile balance.  Move forward with fresh starts in your work, and make new friendships.  Be adventurous and inquisitive in your attitude as you meet people.  These connections coupled with your new attitude will bring you opportunities. 

During this month and the first 3 months of the New Year, I advise all of you to look for better job opportunities. The work you do in the world is not only for the purpose of meeting your basic necessities in the world.  Your work is not to be approached with  the attitude of simple survival, it is an expression of YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE.  Begin to look for employment or create a form of self employment that will more clearly allow you to express yourself though the medium of your job.  The result of this shift will be to empower each of you.  It will allow each of you to manifest greater abundance and security in your lives!

Affirm to yourself over and over, “I find my true place in accordance with my divine purpose.” 
This can be a very spiritual time for nearly everyone.  Expect your intuition to and creativity to be strong all month.  Until the 15th, your Spiritual connection will flow and there are only minor difficulties in the magnetic energy that will need to be managed. 
In mid December everyone will need to be very aware of where they are and what they are doing.  There will be tension and physical challenges at home and in the workplace.  This may manifest arguments and painful endings.  For some this energy may bring health problems or accidents.  Energies of limitation, control, and a need for self discipline crossed up with the energies of aggression, competition, and warfare make this a difficult time.  Know this in advance and control the only thing that is yours to control.  YOURSELF!

These energies will bring gossip about several celebrities and it will contribute to drama in everyday life.  For those who feed on drama and gossip understand this is an effort to define your own value system.  Celebrities offer up to the public appetite for drama and turmoil images of the Archetypes, and they allow you to understand if you are like or different than what these images represent.  Please, do not miss this opportunity for change in your life by focusing on the affairs of famous individuals, the news, and the media.  

The energy this month and the astrological aspects echo the energy of mid July.  Decisions made during July will suddenly be clear, and they will possibly be revised before mid December is over with!   In other words, expect to undo what you have done during the frustrations of mid summer!  

Astrological aspects to the fixed stars echo the energy environment that existed from   August to November 2001.   This repeat represents completion energy for the cycle that started 7 years ago, and often when the cycles complete things end where they began.  Terrorism and potential escalation in the war in the mid east will be REAL issues for the Global Community to deal with.  It is likely that there will be at least one dramatic terrorist strike, and many countries are at risk.  The events at this time will most likely change the course of history.

My advice is to be kind to yourself and others during this very harsh and difficult aspect!  
Do not confuse kindness with weakness.  The kindness you show to yourself and others is a true demonstration of strength and empowerment. 
The energy in late December has a strong cluster of energies directed to the process of manifestation.  The strongest energy will be present on the 26th. This is a powerful time for coincidences and synchronicity.  Most people call this getting a Lucky Break.  This time will bring a positive change of financial fortune and news for many people.    This theme of manifestation energy will dominate through January until the end of the month  eclipse cycle offers an energetic reset.
During the cluster period, both octaves of energy governing love, creativity, the arts, and the emotional process join to create beautiful harmony.  These are the energies of happy endings!  This indicates the best possible outcomes.  It is my hope and blessing for you that all love affairs and emotional relationships move forward effortlessly, gently, and with stability in 2009.  With this energy each of you have tremendous opportunity to meet the mate of your destiny or to create true love with the mate you already have!

On the last day of 2008, Saturn turns retrograde (backward).  As the year ends, the world  stands at the brink of what may feel like “finality”.  You may each have a strong sense that a task of some sort is finished!  You will face the future you have created through the  energy and consciousness work you have been doing!  You will be given the reward you have earned.   

For many, Saturn represents fear and anxiety, or a concern with material security.
However, in ancient times, Saturn standing still in an earth sign represented stopping time.  This retrograde, aspected as it is, with tremendous energy directed through  Earth signs, may signify that Humankind has energetically moved into recreating the  time when the link between mankind and heaven was not yet broken.  Energy always flows in cycles, and with this retrograde, humankind is being escorted into the cycle of return to a higher state of awareness and vibration.  These aspects and energies represent the completion of the last 7 year cycle of karma.  It is your signal to simply let go of what has been so that you may being to manifest the dream you created for yourself through 2008. 

The Age of the Dove will recreate the Golden Age and manifest the prophesied 1000 years of peace!
I hope to give you a clear understanding that the end of December will bring solutions to your problems. Know this, and it will support you as you cope with uncertainty and conflict in the earlier weeks of December!
Beloved ones, I am Metatron, and I offer you the abundance that is your birthright, the love to fulfill your most basic need, and the knowledge that you are a being of immense power with unlimited possibilities.  Many of you are hungry for change.  These changes are about to fully manifest whether you are ready or not.   You can afford to take risks this month   Accept abundance as your reality and all will be well!