Archangel Metatron

August 2008

This is the month of balance, completions and a new beginning – all at once.

This month, the cosmic lineup is one of tremendous energy with both a Solar Eclipse on August 1st and Lunar Eclipse on August 16th as well as the completion of the Infinity Gateway. The Infinity Gateway is a cosmic event that began August 8, 2006 and is now completing its energy cycle on August 8, 2008. This energetic Gateway establishes the energy of balance and flow. The theme this month is one of resetting the energy of male and female through the process of balance. As a result of the powerful aspects this month, each of you will have direct access to the energy of balance for the next 3 years.

This month, you will have the opportunity to let go of the past, move into a new energy of “purpose” within your life’s goals, and balance the purpose through every aspect of your life.

As the month begins the total Solar Eclipse resets the masculine energy within each of you. The masculine themes will be reevaluated over the next 6 months as a result, and this event may change the status of political conflict in the near future. For each person this allows for the evaluation of their goals, hopes, dreams, and wishes for their lives. As you evaluate your progress in life ask yourself if a dream should become a goal, or should your old goals be released as they no longer serve your present self? If you have followed the advice given over the past two months, you will be well prepared for this eclipse and the new beginning it may bring to each of you. The areas of greatest impact are within your self-esteem, your identity, and your leadership capacity. Your abundance will also be impacted, and know that if this cycle brings changes in your job, they are divinely orchestrated for your highest good!

The Solar Eclipse on the 16th brings a dreamy energy which will allow each of you to dream a new dream for your life and for the whole of humankind. It brings into reach the highest of ideals, and clearly highlights the areas of life where we sink into the depths of despair. Relationships that are not meant to be will fall apart in this energy. Relationships that are in your highest good will manifest in your life. Allow the balanced energy of the cosmic gate to transition through the changes this energy will bring.

The path home is called Joy. The aspects this month represent the path of JOY