Archangel Metatron

中文翻譯 Chinese translation by Vina

April 2014

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation this month are Challenge, Test, Crisis, Effort, Renewal, Phoenix,

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius – through April the intensity of the energy may rock your personal world and the world in general.   The energies will either bring stress or they will deepen your connection to the Divine.  The energetic influence may cause you to struggle against what is and those who hold roles of authority and power in your life.   The issues you face may evolve into a crises or even a traumatic emotional “explosion”.  Alternatively, this energy may influence you positively.  Beloved ones choose to be empowered and accept 100% responsibility for yourself.  Often the situations that create pressure also bring personal evolution which I define as emotional and intellectual maturity.   If you redirect the energy and focus on finding solutions these issues may offer tremendous personal evolution.  Consider April’s challenges as opportunities to evolve in the light and all will be well! 

April brings a replay of the energetic alignments of the January 2011 eclipse.  It also brings a replay of the planetary alignments in place since 2012.   A cardinal Grand Cross reaches culmination April 20th to the 23rd.   The cross manifests on a critical degree – one of the true power points of the great wheel.  The alignments now begin an energetic process.  The final effects will manifest between June 14th – 18th.

There are two potential political crises building.  It is possible that diplomacy will resolve the issues after May19th.    It depends on the will of each individual and of the collective consciousness of humankind.  The first crisis is already in progress and this is the economy with particular emphasis on social services.  The second crisis is also developing and it is that of political greed.  There is a potential for geophysical crisis to manifest changes in the land nearest the oceans.  The waters are coming.

The beginning of the April brings inflated egos, arguments, and aggression.  Sudden bursts of insight and awareness bring solutions to long standing problems.   During this time I urge each of you to develop your courage.  Consider who and what you are willing to protect.  Eclipses are active for two weeks before and after the manifestation.  This is not a good time to make decisions or create changes.  Maintain the status quo until after May 19th.  You may not have enough information to make a wise choice.  Expect instability, turbulence, and sudden changes.  This is a good time to make safety a priority. 

The Full Moon on the 15th is a lunar eclipse in Libra/ Aries.  This eclipse will bring about events that will be important in the long view of history.  The shadow of the eclipse covers South Africa to Australia.  A line of darkness extends through Israel to Lebanon.  Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the United States will be activated by the eclipse degrees.  It takes place at the same degree as the January 2011 eclipse which foreshadowed the Arab Spring and Japan’s great quake and tsunami.  This eclipse will deliver intense energies.  The aspects speak of aggression and sudden changes in circumstances.   There will be concern over crops and food supply.

The energy after the eclipse is volatile and dangerous.  Accidents, storms, and earth changes are likely.  Any action may create unexpected “damage” and words will be misunderstood – spinning relationships out of control. 

The New Moon on the 29th is a Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  This eclipse will highlight the family and groups created by like-minded people.  It will bring the urge to merge one’s life with another’s.  This eclipse will bring a replay of last November’s violence and financial chaos.   This is a good time for tasks that require concentration and focus.  Deal with financial matters and tie up loose ends. Do not begin projects or make commitments.   

Consider the energies of April to be a perfect cycle of purification.  Many of your values will be refined so you may manifest the elements which are essential.  Your lesson is to  know what is essential, what works for you, and to make up your mind to let everything else go.  

My Beloved ones, the task and challenge for April is to learn new skills to cope with relationships and life.  Manifestation will follow!  Seek inner peace and harmony this month and you will successfully navigate the challenges April will offer.