Archangel Metatron

April 2011

Beloved ones, the keywords I give you for your meditation and contemplation are rebellion, obstacles, enlightenment, paradigm shift, new age, explosive change, action, independence, initiative, courage, spiritual warrior, technological breakthrough, and new beginnings.

Welcome to the full expression of the Age of Aquarius!   As the month begins all humankind is on notice that times have changed.  A new Mars cycle and a new Neptune cycle begin on the 4th.  Harsh realities will be acknowledged in the light and intensity this month brings. 

Children of the world, nothing will ever be the same redirect your outlook toward hope.  If you are courageous and maintain a clear focus on what is really important to you your personal reality will be full of joy and you will find you have what you need. 

Opportunities, new beginnings, and fresh starts will manifest as a result of the enormous energy being released.   April’s energetic aspects will bring events that accelerate the process of change.  At the same time old patterns and cycles will be completed.  Beloved ones, time as you knew it will begin to shift.  

April 4th will be a very important day in terms of cosmic energies!  The March Moon cycle continues the upheaval process until the April New Moon on the 3rd – 4th when the energy shifts.   Neptune moves into Pisces at the same time beginning 14 years of renewed spiritual focus and social refinement.  The Mars cycle that began in April 2009 ends with a jolt.  A new cycle commences on April 4th synchronizing with the new moon.   This will reenergize your goals and provide the necessary influences to bring about the next step in your life.

Mars conjoins Uranus.  Both square Pluto creating explosive energy.  Expect at least one  collective disaster during this cycle!  During the new Mars cycle the United States will be pushed toward resolving issues of health and welfare.  This energy will activate the military establishment and national defense from a humanitarian perspective.  There is potential for a natural disaster to occur impacting more than one nation.  The lines of force established from the Mars alignments will take the form of a cross.  From North to South the flow begins with Japan concluding in Australia.  From East to West the flow begins with Russia; moving through Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen; concluding in the ocean near Somalia.   Western Canada is strongly aspected by this energy.  These energies and the aspects foreshadow earth changes, storms, political conflict, and heightened potential for military aggression. 

On the global stage these aspects will continue the strife and conflict between “the people” and government leaders and will become evident in Central and South American countries. 
These aspects will have global impact and they will shape your collective world.  You must remember that each one of you is a part of the collective, and you are responsible for your share of the consciousness behind these events.  Shared responsibility and shared resources are the only way the global community will turn these energies toward positive outcomes.   Beloved ones, you can suffer or you can thrive.  The highest possibilities manifest as a result of your choice to cooperate as co-equal co-creators of your shared manifested reality. 

At a personal level there is potential for accidents and health concerns created by inflammation.  Be aware and consider your choices to maintain your health and personal safety.   Used positively this energy will give you a burst of energy and the spirit to get things done.  Creativity and originality will be amplified, but the energy must be directed with personal discipline.  These aspects may lead you to impulsive actions, overdoing physical activities, and tempers will flare.  Find a way to assert yourself without conflict and work to develop your confidence. 

This month intensifies the evolution of human consciousness.   With these energy dynamics in place there will be a tendency to take an uncooperative stance at work, at home, and in relationships.  Watch for flashes of anger or a sense that a group you belong to is being denigrated.  Reconsider these attitudes if you find yourself engaging with an “attitude”.  Breathe deeply 10 times, consider your options, and resolve conflict through focus on areas of similarity rather than oppositions.  As you learn to use this technique greater balance will flow in your life and relationships.

Through the past cycles great evolution and technological advances manifested at the price of balance.  Balance is being restored.  Beloved ones you are strong, resilient, and capable of managing these challenges.  The manifestation of probabilities that have been building for years is underway.  Take these challenges as “bumps in the road” leading you toward self knowledge.  Victory is defined as knowing the self.  You cannot know yourself fully without challenge, stress, distress, and unusual circumstances tempering the good times.   Use this energy to find your greatest strengths and know that with courage and resilience you WILL surmount any experience.  As humankind struggles toward a new form of social independence and freedom new government and economic forms will manifest. 

At month end the energies bring themes of rebellion and passionate romance into focus.  The energies stimulate deep emotional responses.   This is a good time to complete tasks, as well as begin new projects.  Those who are single and looking for a life partner may meet “the one”. 

Beloved Ones, Seek your joy. Neptune’s new cycle will allow you to learn to manifest through groups.  This will bring humankind the early lessons of co-equal co-creation.   Social networks, political parties, professional unions, and religious or spiritual groups will attract you for it is in this setting that each of you will begin to learn interdependence and take your next step toward spiritual maturity.  Remember, the path “home” is a communal journey and it is paved with the pleasure of shared joy!  I am the Metatron.